Is Beer Belly a good option ?

Sometimes you may just realize that you don’t eat too much but still you hold a huge belly. Cramped up in jeans and putting on lose t-shirts is what you are then left with. But where does all that fat come from ? Now think back and see how often do you consume alcohol and if most of it is Beer , then that’s a Beer Belly. Beer is one of the highest ranked in calories and most of it is visible around the waist line. And although not many may advice you, its benefits are innumerable to keep it away from your life.

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Deciding what’s Good and what’s Bad

While some habits are known to you, some you don’t even realize. You may just realize one of them when someone catches you red handed or someone makes a wacky comment.
Habits are natural but deciding if they are good for you or not, depends upon your perception. While some habits are healthy , some could put you to task. Compulsive eating- When you are stressed and you have work load with pressure and targets, you may just land up with a burger. Do you remember the days when you were close to your board exams, you consumed food in extremes, either you hogged on burgers and pizzas or you dint touch food at all. So now it’s a habit, whenever you have pressure, you want food.

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Habits Die Hard

Are you personally aware of what your habits are ?
Are Habits and Hobbies the same ?
Do we enjoy our habits ?
How do we develop Habits ?
Are all habits good ?
Well it’s a very well known saying that habits die hard and much of it lays truth in the fact that actions that we are unaware of would not die cause our conscious mind in not knowing it. When we are children we learn a lot of things from our parents, siblings and our immediate environment. We learn our basics of walking, talking and speaking different languages with fluency but when we get into our teens we tend to form habits.

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Don’t Just Exercise Your Muscles But Also Your Eyes

Television, Computers, Readings fat books, video games, PSPs, mobile phone games take away almost all our day. Children are more so affected by these today. Just imagine if our day is made up of particularly all these elements then what damage are we doing to our eyes. Our eyes need rest and just a few hours of sleep is not sufficient rest to the precious eyes. Such aspeacts of our lifestyle has spoilt the vision, especially of the kids. The number of their spectacles are increasing day by day and eye drops not sufficient. The size of their spectacles are becoming thicker by the day and the weakness is going from bad to worse.

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Can Having Pets Be Beneficial For Health ?

Bizarre but true having pets is beneficial. Dogs, cats, lovebirds, talking parrots, rabbits, fishes and now guinea pigs, have them for a while and notice how attached to get to them and they to you. Soon they become like your family. Now how do they benefit your health? They keep you busy when you are around them just like a baby does. By playing with them and serving their daily needs you don’t realise how time passes.

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Can you believe Manicures and Pedicures could prove healthy ?

Not just a beauty treatment but a way to maintain hygiene, manicures and pedicures are a way to relax the muscles, skin and nerves of the feet, palms and fingers. Salons and spas provide special types of manicures and pedicures being given by well trained professionals. Ever thought of the benefits you derive from a manicure or a pedicure.

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Juices – Flush your Toxins

You are aware that 70% of the human body content is made up of water and this water is not only from the intake of water but also from our complete diet comprising of vegetable, fruits and their juices. One glass of juice can activate and refresh your body and mind instantly. The juices of vegetables are healthier than those of fruits but the taste of fruit juices overrides that of vegetable and hence to balance both a mix of fruit and vegetable juices are prepared. These juices are readily available in the market but are not fresh due to canned preservatives, hence juices should be had fresh.

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Soups- lure your taste buds

Many love it many don’t, many have it as a regular course of their meal, many on occasions and many when they fall ill. If you travel round the world you’ll figure out that different countries have different cuisines and hence different soups to suit their tastes. Soups are more like an appitizer, they create a hunger well for you . Traditional soups of all the countries are now served everywhere, even in India there are French, Italian, Irish, British, Mexican, Chinese, Spanish and various other soups available. The traditional Indian soups are the tomato soup, rasam, potato onion soup, carrot soup and the spinach soup, cucumber soup and mixed vegetable soup.

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Don’t skip the most important Meal

Ever noticed why is it called breakfast? It is called so because you are breaking the fast you have had overnight. Not known to many but skipping breakfast is a very bad habit. It is very well said that eat your breakfast like a king, your lunch like a miser and your dinner like a beggar. It is not just a phrase its got its biological reasons attached to it. Breakfast builds energy in the body not only for the immediate hour but for the day. On the basis of the breakfast the body determines what is expected of it during the day.

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Eye Massage

Do we care about things that we already have ?
Do we thank God for what he has given us ?
If we do then how do we prove that ?
Eyesight is one of those Gods gifts to us to admire the world and rejoice his creation but when we posses it we hardly value it but imagine if you had lost it, life would just be black and the night would never turn back into day. Since we use our eyes the most it’s time to relax them and pamper them.

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