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Statues come alive again – Maharashtra Burning

A few months ago, someone desecrated Meenatai Thackeray’s statue and the Shiv Sena’s party workers went on a rampage. Manoj Khatri has very correctly expressed his views on this subject.

Once again a statue has come alive. This time is the statue of Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar which was vandalized by god knows who in Kanpur and the people of Maharashtra are bearing the burnt since last two days.



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More SEO tips on Keywords

As I have discussed in my earlier articles, SEO is all about keywords and content and how intelligently you can use both of them to beat the competition on any search term. If it all about keywords then…

Develop a long list of keywords that are relevant to your business. (more…)

November 29, 2006 at 1:19 pm 5 comments

What Customers Think While Buying On The Intenet

Buying cycle on the Internet

Internet bigwigs such as Microsoft, Yahoo, Google and others have researched and derived on a concept called the buying cycle which broadly comprises of three phases

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Importance of Communication in Leadership

Leaders play many roles in the management of teams.  Leadership is not one single quality but a continuous practice of several traits which are present in an able leader.  The success of any team is determined by various abilities of the leader.  One of the most important trait required in a leader is the ability to Communicate clearly and effectively. (more…)

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How relevant is the content on your website?

After all the hard work on defining the right keywords, title and description for your website, it is critical that you have the relevant content on the web pages. As explained earlier, search engines are not aware of your business or what products you want to sell. Search Engines are looking for relevant content on your website to award a good ranking to a specific page for specific keywords (search terms). (more…)

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Does your website have a winning title?

Â?Basics of a Winning Title

The Title and Description of your website shall determine the kind of traffic visiting your site.Â? The title and description of your site can be defined using meta tags.Â? Have the right title/description for your site and you will see that in no time you have trageted traffic on your site.


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What are your Customers searching for?

 Keywords for your Web Pages

Choose the right keywords. Brainstorm a lot for the right set of keywords. While selecting keywords…

  • Don’t ask yourself “What do I sell?”

  • Ask “What might my customers be looking for?”

  • Have a combination of “Keywords” and “Key Phrases” (more…)

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