What are your Customers searching for?

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 Keywords for your Web Pages

Choose the right keywords. Brainstorm a lot for the right set of keywords. While selecting keywords…

  • Don’t ask yourself “What do I sell?”

  • Ask “What might my customers be looking for?”

  • Have a combination of “Keywords” and “Key Phrases”

If your website is supposed to sell automobiles then the following logic should be applied while deciding on keywords/key phrases.

  • General keywords – cars, automobiles, vans, trucks, bikes.

  • Specific keywords – Maruti, Hyundai, Toyota, Tata, Mercedes, Honda

  • Product keywords – Omni, Lancer, Civic, Camry, Benz, Accent

  • Supporting keywords – Leather seats, steering wheel, headlights, head lamps, fog lamps, music system

What do I sell” V/S “What the customers are looking for”

Always ask this question to yourself for every keyword you have finalized for your website.

  • Keywords are content specific

  • Content & Keyword match = Search Engine Ranking

  • What if you don’t sell some products, Relate your product content to the other products and increase your chances for getting targeted traffic.

For e.g.: The best offer of the year, 12% discount on Hyundai Accent this festival season. Accessories worth 10000 free including fog lamps and music system.

  • Use PLURALS and LONG FORMS for keywords. Generally users search using plurals for any keyword. E.g.: cars, joints, dealers

  • Search engines use “Word Stemming”. Search for “consult” can return documents for “consultants”, “consulting” and so on.

  • Use few wrongly spelt keywords: Not everybody is good at spellings. Use this to your benefit. It is advisable to have some misspelled versions of your keywords in your website

  • If your business is location specific then use the city, state, country names as your keywords

  • Avoid “Skip” or “Stop” words – keywords like a, an, the, and, of, internet, homepage. Most engines would stop indexing your site or skip these words in your title while indexing. IGNORE COMMON WORDS. Such words would lead to listing in a wrong category.

  • Avoid Capitals – use Lower Case

  • Test your keywords before finalizing

 Use these tips and be a proud owner of a website which works for you, which is visible throughout the net and gives you value for money.

Cheers !

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