Statues come alive again – Maharashtra Burning

November 30, 2006 at 1:16 pm 2 comments

A few months ago, someone desecrated Meenatai Thackeray’s statue and the Shiv Sena’s party workers went on a rampage. Manoj Khatri has very correctly expressed his views on this subject.

Once again a statue has come alive. This time is the statue of Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar which was vandalized by god knows who in Kanpur and the people of Maharashtra are bearing the burnt since last two days.

Ironically, Kanpur is as quiet as nothing has happened there. What has happened to the Dalits of Kanpur, don’t they respect Babasaheb the same way as the Dalits of Maharashtra do? India is emerging as a knowledge capital of the world. Our economy is booming with foreign investments and the attitude of being better than the best in all fields. Indians, be it any caste creed or race, be it followers of any leader or any statue need to understand that this violence is not going to benefit anybody. What the common man do to the statue at Kanpur whose car was torched in Mumbai? What was the mistake of the shop owners in the market area who have forcefully closed down their shops and lost their bread for the day? Children have missed school, a deserving candidate lost a good job opportunity because he could not reach for the interview.

There are many such questions in the minds of the common man which the masters of these political outfits need to answer. We the citizens of India owe an explanation. Is somebody listening?

Readers, your views on this subject are welcome.

View Images of Maharashtra Riots on Rediff

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  • 1. Manoj Khatri  |  November 30, 2006 at 2:00 pm

    These people who go on a rampage at the slightest provocation are a suppressed lot. What’s more disturbing is that Mumbai Police Commissioner A N Roy and Dy Chief Minister R R Patil think that the rampage is a “spontaneous” reaction. If the burning of the Deccan Queen after evacuating it of its passengers can be termed as “spontaneous” then I think I need to redefine the meaning – spontaneous now means “organised, well thought-out, or deliberate”.

  • 2. valerian  |  December 3, 2006 at 6:39 am

    The next day after the incident I reached Pune from my short trip to Goa. I got into an autorickshaw and headed towards my residence. I warmed up, chatting with the auto rickshaw driver. And this is what he had to say about the whole episode “Shaab, they should remove all the statues/busts from the road and put it up in or a maidan (play-ground) or a museum and then they can go there and do whatever they want…garland them, worship them…Now just see, this happened in Kanpur and we have to bear the brunt. We live on daily wages and end up losing our livelyhood”
    I felt nice to know that people at this level are now realising whats right and whats wrong…The change has just started.


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