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Website Linking Strategy – Off Page Optimization

Off Page Optimization

In my earlier posts we have seen how we can do On-Page Optimization of webpages. Now let us look at the other side of the coin OffPage Optimization.
With offpage optimization done intelligently, you can ensure quick and high rankings on major search engines. Off page optimization really makes a big difference to your site’s ranking.



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SEO your Flash Website

Search Engines are designed to read static html content. It is easy to optimize static content for achieving high rankings on search engines. As more and more websites are moving from static content to interactive technologies like Flash, optimizers are concerned about how to optimize Flash websites. Flash has a bad reputation of hampering the visibility of websites on search engines. Flash is an intelligent program with logic to accept input from the user and also display It is a running program which can display content in a slide-show format on the same page without refreshing the page and hence search engines find it difficult to handle Flash as compared to plain html code. It allows presentation of complex content in a limited space. Flash has become need of the hour for art, media, music and technology sites as it is the best way to present multimedia content to the users.


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Evaluate your Website

After all the hard work on your website, when you are all set to publish it on the Internet for your customers, the very first step of effective SEO or Website Marketing is to have a complete and thorough check on the website to ensure that all ends are tied up properly and this website is all set to achieve all the success you have planned for.

Follow this handy check-list to evaluate your website how it feels, looks and performs. This checklist will help you identify the areas which need more attention or modification before you publish the website.


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Leadership and Growth

Leadership is not a skill, its an attitude. Attitude to do the right thing, attitude to drive the growth of the organization and the teams. You cannot learn leadership as it has to come from within as a spark which spreads like fire by practice and believing in it rather than reading about leadership and trying to imitate proven leaders. You have to be a leader in every walk of life to be known and accepted as a true leader. There is no point in seeing yourself in the mirror as a leader if people around you do not see you as one.


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Google’s Page Rank Algorithm

Top rankings on Google – probably on the first page…
A dream of every person owning or working on a website. For all the aspiring SEO professionals, it is very important to understand how Google indexes the pages and what gets you on the top. Google claims to index 25 billion pages and almost all the pages that are optimized for specific search terms have the relevant content to back up the keywords as most of the optimizers are aware that Google will look for keyword density, placement and relevancy.

Is this sufficient to get you on the top? Not really !



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How Bids and Clicks Work

Search Engine Marketing or SEM is one of the most important feature of the overall online marketing activity for any successful website. The Search Marketing has gone way beyond the traditional pay-per-click campaigns offered by Overture a few years ago. Earlier it was a very simple and static process, bid for the position on any specific keyword and get that position. This was giving benefit to “not so relevant” websites who can afford to bid higher for any keyword without focusing on the customer needs. Google has changed the way search marketing was being done traditionally. Recently I came accross a very important report released by IAMAI and Pinstorm. Click more to ready the dynamics of Search Marketing


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AIDS Awareness – World Aids Day

What is AIDS and how is it caused?
AIDS stands for “acquired immune deficiency syndrome,” a disease in which the body’s immune system breaks down. Normally, the immune system fights off infections in the body and certain other diseases. When this system fails, such as in a person with AIDS,the person can develop a number of life-threatening illnesses. People do not die of AIDS, but of the complications resulting from an opportunistic infection because of a compromised immune system.

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