Google’s Page Rank Algorithm

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Top rankings on Google – probably on the first page…
A dream of every person owning or working on a website. For all the aspiring SEO professionals, it is very important to understand how Google indexes the pages and what gets you on the top. Google claims to index 25 billion pages and almost all the pages that are optimized for specific search terms have the relevant content to back up the keywords as most of the optimizers are aware that Google will look for keyword density, placement and relevancy.

Is this sufficient to get you on the top? Not really !


Although all the pages are optimized to have content specific to their keywords, it is not necessary that the search engine users will be delivered authentic, reliable and useful content for their search terms. Which means that there is a need for defining the position of the search results based on importance of that page and that is what Google does by way of its “Page Rank” Algorithm. To understand more about the Page Rank Algorithm refer to the exhaustive research done by David Austin from the Grand Valley State University.

Although it is not very important for all the SEO professionals to understand the mathametical mumbo-jumbo of the Page Rank Algorithm, one thing we all need to understand that top rankings or high page rank can only be achieved by having highly relevant content on the website and abundunt genuine links from high page rank websites (web pages) to the website. Blogs are a rich source of authentic and relevant links, better than some of the link exchange programs. Improving the page rank is a continuous process and one should try to achieve success by applying shortcuts to the optimization process.

Althought there are many resources to learn how one can improve the page rank of a webpage, I will put some points together in a seprate post shortly.

Abhijit Nadgauda has commented on the research by David wherein he has analysed the relevance of the page rank algorithm. I am not sure if there is any other better way to calculate and assign importance to webpages but there can be a better way to do this once the shortcomings of the current page rank algorithm are identified clearly and debated for search of a new algorithm.

Till then lets keep linking……. and Googling!


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