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December 11, 2006 at 6:11 am 2 comments

After all the hard work on your website, when you are all set to publish it on the Internet for your customers, the very first step of effective SEO or Website Marketing is to have a complete and thorough check on the website to ensure that all ends are tied up properly and this website is all set to achieve all the success you have planned for.

Follow this handy check-list to evaluate your website how it feels, looks and performs. This checklist will help you identify the areas which need more attention or modification before you publish the website.

Website Design

  • Is the purpose of the site clear and does the site achieve its purpose?
  • Is the information easy to find and use?
  • Is the site design appealing and it the design in the right context to its audience?
  • Is the layout, font, size and color consistent in all the pages?
  • Is the site interactive and are the users able to navigate through it easily?
  • Is the content aimed at engaging the users?
  • Does the site look uncluttered?
  • Is the important information present at the top of the pages rather than having a scroll down?
  • Does the page load in reasonable time and are the images properly optimized?
  • Have you provided with detailed information as to how to use the interactive features of the site?
  • Are the download links provided properly?
  • Are the contacts for the webmaster, helpdesk, author mentioned clearly?
  • Are all the mail to and other forms working properly?
  • Are the contact numbers and addresses mentioned clearly?
  • Is the copyright information mentioned clearly?
  • Is there a sitemap which helps easy access to all pages on the site?
  • In case of secure sites, are the security certificates displayed and linked properly?


  • Is the content easy to read and understand?
  • Is there enough information on the relevant subject?
  • Is the content interesting and engaging?
  • Is the content interlinked properly between pages?
  • Is the information useful to the audience?
  • Have you weaved enough keywords in the content, keeping in mind your keyword weight, placement and relevancy?
  • Is there a list of topics provided for easy navigation?
  • Is the spell-check and grammer-check done thoroughly?

Page Layout

  • Does each page have proper title, description and keywords?
  • Does the title have your main keywords mentioned in it?
  • Is the title consistent to the words which link to that page?
  • Is the information broken down into short sentences rather than huge paragraphs?
  • In case of long webpages, is there a “go to top” link at regular intervals on that page?
  • Is the page url shown as reference when the page is printed?
  • In case of long web pages, is there a summary of content on that page?
  • Are the header tags used for content headings?
  • Are all the important meta tags used to help easy indexing by search engines?
  • Can the visitors bookmark each page easily? Is the bookmark link prominently placed?

Finally you need to check the site on all major browsers like IE, Netscape, Firefox, opera and other legacy browsers. If possible, also check the website on various operating systems i.e. Windows, Linux, Unix etc.

Things to Avoid

  • Strange color combinations which make the content hard to read
  • Too small text
  • Unrelated advertisements
  • Hidden Text
  • Repetition of same keyword in a row
  • Duplicate, cloaked and doorway pages
  • Automated submissions to search engines
  • Participating in link farms
  • Keyword stuffing in meta tags
  • Using copyright information of others on your website

Feel free to contact me for any more clarification on SEO and SEM.

Cheers !

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  • 1. Abhijit Nadgouda  |  December 12, 2006 at 5:03 am

    Nice exhaustive list! I would like to add one more to this. Check behaviour of the site if it uses JavaScript or plugins that some readers might not have enabled or installed. Maybe the site will not work in some cases, but at least it should inform the readers accordingly.

  • 2. Alison and Martin Bale  |  December 15, 2006 at 5:08 am

    Thanks for this useful stuff. Your work is easily understood by us beginners, who are better versed in allied healthcare but still need to get the word out while we adjust to our new environment. You can critique http://www.equilibria4u.co.uk anytime!


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