Leadership and Growth

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Leadership is not a skill, its an attitude. Attitude to do the right thing, attitude to drive the growth of the organization and the teams. You cannot learn leadership as it has to come from within as a spark which spreads like fire by practice and believing in it rather than reading about leadership and trying to imitate proven leaders. You have to be a leader in every walk of life to be known and accepted as a true leader. There is no point in seeing yourself in the mirror as a leader if people around you do not see you as one.

A leader cannot be there solely for policy confirmity or for stability. Such leaders are only on paper or rubber stamps of the departments. The leader has to get out of the cozy office and take personal accountability for driving the mentality of growth through the organization, at all levels.

When there are growth problems in the organization, leaders need to look into the mirror and not outside the window pane. The leader should wake up everyday thinking about how to grow the organization. Growth is not a shared responsibility, it is the responsibility of the leader. A leader cannot delegate this responsibility and focus on other aspects of the business. As a leader you need to ensure that your teams are in-sync with your vision of growth and are not spending their time and energy to simply protect and maintain their positions, their jobs.

It is the quality of the leadership which will either lead to unmatched growth or stagnation. Growth is an attitude created by the quality of leadership, by leaders who champion the growth, can drive people towards the vision and their expectations, can make the mentality spread like fire in the organization. When there is growth stagnation and the focus is lame excuses for poor performance, there is a leadership problem.

Growth must in the mental architecture of the organization. It has to be the DNA of the organization. Growth oriented leaders must energize their people to innovate and create growth opportunities with new ideas regularly. A conducive environment of growth is achieved when all the time, in every discussion or meetings in the organization, the buzz word is growth and opportunities.

Growth oriented companies are performance based and have a strong sense of urgency. People are curious about their customers, new markets, technologies and are discussing ideas with each other openly. Today businesses are judged by their ability or inability in delivering sustained, incremental and profitable growth.

Growth will not just happen unless you as a leader believe that growth is central in your organization and you expect it, demand it and reward it. You cannot have a balanced approach towards growth, it has to be a mindset in the company – top to bottom.

Time is ticking fast and there are many small companies who are working out of their garages with a growth mindset all set to out-perform you if you cannot act on time and with great agility. You should have major of your time dedicated to measuring and pushing growth.

The time for unproductive meetings and ramblings on how to grow has passed, it is the time for you to go out and get it – NOW !


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