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January 2, 2007 at 1:53 pm 3 comments

Online Businesses with deep pockets can afford to pay their way through acquiring expensive links on popular websites and spend huge money on paid promotions; however for small and new businesses that are working on tight budgets, SEO is a very important part of their business process.

Such websites have no option but to keep looking for killer SEO strategies that will give them the required edge over competition, strategies like building links, adding fresh content and optimizing pages as any other website. In other words we all are a part of the rat-race of SEO and this race is a never ending one.

SEO or Search Marketing is nothing more than doing what is acceptable by the Search Engines and what is necessary to get high rankings on these engines. Most of our SEO strategies are directly impacted by what works with the Search Engines.

At this point, lets take a break and not think about our online business, our website or anything else but analyze the situation from a different perspective. How do we ascertain that what works with the search engines?

Given the fact that the search engine algorithms are always a secret affair, no one can really distinguish as to what works and what does not. Most of the search marketers do a lot of guesswork and have been successful too.

What we all know, are indistinct facts, that search engines look for relevant and updated content, links and many such other assumptions. Links seem to be the easiest way to ascend through the rankings on major search engines and relevant content follows the list.

Even though search engines gave a lot of importance to links, they have steadily shifted their focus towards relevant content, opinion of users and freshness of content. However the SEO strategies have always been the same:

  • Research a long list of keywords
  • Write content with good emphasis on keyword relevance, weight and density
  • Choose industry specific link partners
  • Build links with keyword specific anchor text

After all this, the point of discussion remains the same; what do the search engines look for?

The way the relevant search results business has grown to be competitive; all search engines are striving hard to have that competitive edge over others. Search engines are focusing on retaining their visitors and repeating their visits for want of accurate search results. This is not startling, as any other business search engines too have their customers as their top priority. Even search engines have to fabricate customer loyalty as any other triumphant business.

Search Engine users want fast and accurate information and search engines have to be the best at what they do to bring back their users by providing them what they want. Users want correct information each time and this becomes a difficult task for the search engines as many black-hat techniques stuff websites with irrelevant content, keywords etc.

Search engines want to provide their users with the best results and here it does not matter what algorithm it will use to achieve this. At the end of the day the objective is unchanged Quality Content.

So, if search engines are looking for Quality Content, webmasters need to invest in building quality content for their websites. Help the customers with their quest of knowledge and they will decide to buy from you. Quality content will also help you inbuilding an organic linking campaign to steer upwards on search engine rankings.

When you have good content on your website, it will surely not be over-optimized and this will avoid any penalization by search engines. Quality content will surely get you natural links as people will start linking to you if they like what you write. They wont even ask for reciprocal links in return (you get one-way links free of cost).

So after all that we have discussed, you will agree that it makes sense to do what the search engines are looking for. Build your SEO strategies around this concept and you will surely win the rat-race.

Do not take shortcuts by link-spamming or using content-generating scripts as all these manipulator techniques are termed as spamming or black-hat SEO. Indulge yourself in ethical and white-hat SEO

Vijay Dalwani
SEO Consultant

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