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To have a trim, fit and well toned body is everybody’s dream.  There are many was to tone your body by using simple to advanced body toning techniques and equipment.  A brisk walk or a jog in the morning is also a good way to tone your body.  Today we will discuss the best way of body toning, the use of stepper.  A stepper is an exercise machine which simulates the climbing of steps.  One of the most popular stepper is the Lateral Thigh Stepper.

Using a lateral thigh stepper can be a fun way to raise your fitness level. Before taking that first step, update your personal physician or doctor about your new exercise program. Then, consider these useful tips.

When you step on the lateral thigh stepper, stand up straight by placing your feet comfortably on the foot pedals. Step up one foot at a time, as if you were climbing a set of stairs

You can maximize the effectiveness of your exercise workout in different ways. Initially, have a regular check on your heart rate in order to make sure you are working within your target heart rate. Exposing your heart to unnecessary pressure can be fatal. Gradually increase the intensity of your exercise routine, frequency, time and distance to experience continual positive results. After each exercise routine, stretching your muscles is of utmost importance. This is especially relevant for the lower legs, quadriceps, hamstrings and hips. Allow ample recovery time between workouts, this is very important.

Lateral Thigh Stepper


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