City Life – an invitation to Lifestyle Disorders?

January 24, 2010 at 1:42 pm Leave a comment

Lifestyle disorders are spreading in India at an alarming rate. As of today, every person is at risk of suffering from a lifestyle disorder. Lack of awareness and knowledge about how to prevent lifestyle disorders is aggravating the already grim scenario even further.

The lifestyle that people live in metropolitan cities is highly prone to such disorders. The junk food we eat, the aerated beverages we drink, the polluted air we breathe, the high profile parties, alcohol, smoking, drugs all contribute to it. Add to it the work related stress, pressure of travelling in trains, buses, cars held up for hours in traffic – there is no escaping these stressful conditions . All these pressures affect our body system and as a result they do not function at their peak performance levels. Besides all these pressures we pile up more pressures by errant sleeping habits and unhealthy food habits. All these lead to lifestyle disorders and cause imbalance in our Physical, Physiological and Psychological systems.

Anyone in their early 20s is at risk of suffering from one or many lifestyle disorders. Earlier people above 40 years of age were at risk but now the age has dropped drastically. I have come across people as young as 22 years of age diagnosed to be 100 percent osteoporotic.

Blindly accepting western mannerism and culture as well as the stressful and adverse working conditions in BPOs is taking physical and mental abuse to a new level and accelerating the onset of lifestyle disorders for youngsters too.

Lifestyle disorders have cut across not only age but also gender. Even women are not spared by its onslaught. Since they follow similar lifestyle, they too succumb to the same to lifestyle disorders as men. So far men have more vices so their numbers are higher but women too are catching up in suffering from lifestyle disorders.

The only positive side so far is that the lifestyle disorders are more common in metros – the A and B class cities because here the people are constantly exposed to polluted and stressful environment. It is much lesser in rural areas, villages as well as in semi urban areas or towns.

In my next blog I will focus on common lifestyle disorders in India.


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