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Winning the battle against Lifestyle disorders – one day at a time

 We live in the age of Information, yet there are many people who do not know what Lifestyle disorders are.  Which are the different lifestyle disorders or how they are caused?  The war against lifestyle disorders is that of a lifetime.  Lack of awareness is responsible for our lack of nutrition, poor lifestyle and diet.  As a result, the battle against the lifestyle disorders is lost daily. (more…)


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Lifestyle disorders – Awareness and Prevention

A 2008 World Health Organization and World Economic report heralded the beginning of an alarming trend in developing countries like Brazil, Russia, India and China. They are going to lose more and more productive life years to lifestyle disorders.  The report also warns that unless this unhealthy trend is tackled on war footing, India will lose a whooping $236.6 billion by 2015 due to death or sufferings caused by lifestyle disorders originating from unhealthy lifestyles and faulty diet. (more…)

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Child Obesity – Who can stop it?

Child Obesity

According to World Health Organization around 22 million children worldwide are obese. It is no longer confined to developed countries. Developing countries like India, China, and Brazil too are showing an alarming rise in child obesity. Though overall obesity rate across the country is low, the increase in child obesity in cities is a serious cause of concern.

Developed countries like the United States have an alarming rate of obesity.  25% of children and teenagers are overweight or obese.  The same is with the adult population there.  Approx 62% of the adult population is overweight and 26% is obese.  This percentage is expected to increase to 75% overweight and a whopping 41% obese adult population by 2015 in the United States.

There is a steady rise in obese children in India. This disturbing trend is found in cities, especially metros among children aged 5 to 10 years. (more…)

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