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Control your Mind before it Controls you…

Our mind is a complex mechanism, it holds hundred of thoughts and although we try concentrating on one particular job at one time, even a tiny ant moving around could easily distract us. Its very shaky. Our habits, likes and dislikes are completely dependent on the marks left by the past experiences on our mind. So it’s important that we have absolute control on our mind.

 Our body is a very sensitive system. Messages of each emotion are passed through the nervous system to the brain. Are actions and reactions are completely dependent on the preconceived notions and according we act.



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Stop Dumping the “Waste” in your “Waist”

When was the last time you really thought for once, before popping something into your mouth, to check if its healthy, I am sure never.

In the race between “Health v/s Food”, its most of the times that Food wins, because resisting a cheesy bite or avoiding a pitcher of beer is like drowning your own-self in deep water.  But, is all of that food worth that kind of feeling???

Most of us do not realize the kind of waste we dump in our waist, each day.  Obesity is on a rise and most amongst children these days. The kind of food we eat today, has minimal nutritional value and lets not forget including the Packed and Junk food we nibble on. They are quick to prepare and yum to eat. With Pizza corners and Burger Joints springing in every corner, it has become every man’s east way out.


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It’s time to Pamper your Body

With the mushrooming of Spas and Health Centres, the awareness about health and body cleansing have been taken up seriously. People have now started taking initiatives to pamper their bodies and rejuvenate their souls.

Just like you service your car once a month or once in six months, its equally important to service your body, to ensure it is maintained for a better future. The kind of lifestyle we lead today, demands- long working hours, over activity, stress, intake of junk food, exposure to pollutants and inhalation of unhealthy gases in the air. These produce (more…)

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File your Health Returns

How often do you file returns of your income, once annually , maybe ?

Have you ever thought of filing returns of your health, you may then realize that you have landed up taxing your body way too much.

 Stress, Hectic schedules, sedentary lifestyle are just some factors but other major external factors like pollution, junk-food, aerated drinks, alcohol and smoking have ruining effects on our body , which are not significant in the initial stages but lead to lifestyle disorders or life taking diseases.

City Life could jeopardize your body’s cyclic routine. Irregular meals, skipping of meals, wrong eating habits could lower your immunity levels, making the soldiers inside your body week to fight our diseases. (more…)

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