File your Health Returns

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How often do you file returns of your income, once annually , maybe ?

Have you ever thought of filing returns of your health, you may then realize that you have landed up taxing your body way too much.

 Stress, Hectic schedules, sedentary lifestyle are just some factors but other major external factors like pollution, junk-food, aerated drinks, alcohol and smoking have ruining effects on our body , which are not significant in the initial stages but lead to lifestyle disorders or life taking diseases.

City Life could jeopardize your body’s cyclic routine. Irregular meals, skipping of meals, wrong eating habits could lower your immunity levels, making the soldiers inside your body week to fight our diseases.

Life is beautiful, so one must ensure that he makes the best of it. Steps in the present would ensure you have a Healthy Future. A study of the United states shows that the life span of people in on an average about 85 yrs, where as life span on an average in India is 68 yrs. This is because of awareness and implementation. People want to live more and live healthy and since they know what to do and how to do, they do it.

In the same way a discipline must be maintained and few health tips should be followed-

 –        Ensure a proper intake of atleast 3 major meals namely Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner.

 –        Try to habituate yourself to mid meals to improve your metabolic rate.

 –        Ensure the meals include less of carbs and more of leafy vegetables and pulses, avoid pastas pizzas and junk.

 –        Indulge yourself in pampering activities like a body massage, a pedicure, a spa  treatment  or  Reflexology at regular intervals, say monthly or bimonthly

 –        Exercise would burn the extra fat and use calories, making you feel more energetic, keeping you in shape.

 –        Drinking 3- 4 litres of water each day would flush your kidneys making them clean and immune.

 –        Intake of natural antioxidants like Plums, Cherries, Strawberries, Oranges, Black grapes and Pomegranate would get you rid of the toxins in your body, leaving you with a glowing skin and a healthy body.

 –        To ensure a regular supply of required nutrition to your body, dietary supplements such as multi vitamin and multi nutrient formulas, bone care and joint care formulas, anti-oxidants etc are absolutely necessary on a regular basis. 

 –        Get on to prevention NOW… as there is no cure of lifestyle based disorders which are not very far away from us because of the way we are taxing our health.

 These are just a few tips that could keep you fit and healthy, but ensuring that your daily requirement of Vitamins and Minerals are met and preventing yourself from the lifestyle disorders is what should be your challenge. Concentrating of Detoxification would be our next look out, so that you service your body more often than you service your car….

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