It’s time to Pamper your Body

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With the mushrooming of Spas and Health Centres, the awareness about health and body cleansing have been taken up seriously. People have now started taking initiatives to pamper their bodies and rejuvenate their souls.

Just like you service your car once a month or once in six months, its equally important to service your body, to ensure it is maintained for a better future. The kind of lifestyle we lead today, demands- long working hours, over activity, stress, intake of junk food, exposure to pollutants and inhalation of unhealthy gases in the air. These produce free radicals within us, which get collected in many parts of the body, invisible to the eyes.

These could result in skin disorders like acne, pigmentation and pimples to stomach disorders like ulcers, indigestion and acidity. Well these are just a few simple problems where as the complex disorders are a result of continuously neglecting our health.

Spas have taken advantage of these and they have sprung up in every corner with special packages to suit every soul. They have Body Massages, Detoxification Programmes, Skin Treatments, Aroma Therapies and Hydro Therapies. Infact, the recent trends have brought the “Fish Therapy” for getting rid of your dead skin on the hands and legs. Here, your feet are soaked in a tank of water with fish and tiny fish bite away your dead skin off your legs, without you even realizing it. Lets not forget the ancient “Keralian Therapies” where natural oils are used which have healing and soothing properties. They get you rid of your routine tiredness, relaxing your muscles and lightening your mind. After all, it is only when the Mind, Body and Soul are in balance, do they work best.

Another famous programme is the “Vipasna” which held in many parts of India. Here one has to go for a 10 day silence programme which is also called the “Maun Vrath”. There is a fixed time table which involves meditation, exercise and understanding your body. It also involves no consumption of spices, oils and aromatic delicacies. Besides you are cut from the outside world because the use of cell phones, electronic gadgets and television are completely cut off.  This is an overall programme to get you rid of toxins, stress, over-eating and anxiety.

These kinds of programmes make you mentally and physically fit to take on challenges of life. They are a break for your Mind and Body to relax and regain the utilized energy. You must definitely involve yourself in some -body pampering activities at regular intervals if you want to make the best out of it and for its long term maintainance. It need not necessarily be a long programme, it could plainly be Body Massage or a Sauna-Steam session. After all your body is precious and it needs to be valued.


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