Stop Dumping the “Waste” in your “Waist”

November 28, 2010 at 9:27 am 1 comment

When was the last time you really thought for once, before popping something into your mouth, to check if its healthy, I am sure never.

In the race between “Health v/s Food”, its most of the times that Food wins, because resisting a cheesy bite or avoiding a pitcher of beer is like drowning your own-self in deep water.  But, is all of that food worth that kind of feeling???

Most of us do not realize the kind of waste we dump in our waist, each day.  Obesity is on a rise and most amongst children these days. The kind of food we eat today, has minimal nutritional value and lets not forget including the Packed and Junk food we nibble on. They are quick to prepare and yum to eat. With Pizza corners and Burger Joints springing in every corner, it has become every man’s east way out.

Grabbing a burger for lunch and pasta for dinner is far simpler than cutting vegetables, cleaning them and cooking for hours. But simple things lead to difficult problems. This is the state in most parts of the world.

Statistics show that the “Fattest Country” on the face of earth is American Samoa. On studying, it was realized that 93.5 % of the population are overweight. Most of these individuals have chronic body disorders and so it adds to America’s ranking in the list of highly Obese Countries.Here are the five countries with the highest percentages of obese adult women and men of the world:
–  USA — 36% women, 32% men.

– Mexico — 35% women, 24% men.

– Chile — 32% women, 19% men.

– New Zealand — 27% women, 26% men.

– U.K. — 25% women, 24% men.

Neglecting Obesity is like shortening your own life span, knowingly. Each one of us knows what is best for us but the implementation is something one needs to think about. Hiring a Dietician, Joining a Health Club or Programming for Yoga are just “Ways” but walking on those ways is the eventual “Act”.  You may not realize the value today but tomorrow could be sorrowful. People with Body Conditions of Diabetes, literally form sugar crystals in urine, lose their kidneys, get parts imputed and lets not forget Cholesterol, which could land you with life taking Cardiac Problems. Blood Pressure and Hypertension could have worsening effects of Depression and Psychological disorders with ruining effects. Moreover how many people who are obese feel great about the way they look? Most of us want to make things Happen but we are not prepared to let them Happen. Its all in our mind but the word that strikes then is “Procrastination”. One has to take his body like a sacred place, give it healthy and clean food, excercise to burn the excess and lots of water for flushing the toxins. After all what goes inside is reflected outside.


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It’s time to Pamper your Body Control your Mind before it Controls you…

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  • 1. GDE (Kay) (@GodsDontExist)  |  April 27, 2014 at 8:10 pm

    the problem is too many carbohydrates, eating grain, and not eating enough fat. study jimmy moore, jonathan bailor, gary taubes, Nora Gedgaudas, etc…


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