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New Year’s resolution

Well, what is your Health resolution for the coming year? Quit Smoking, Quit Alcohol or Loose weight or if none, it’s just the right time to make one.

It’s time to have a new start and ensure that every part, is filled with energy to give synergy and every battle is fought just like gulping in a tequila shot.

Dance like a rock star and throw all the stress very very far.

Eat right and make your body strong enough to fight.

Sleep well so that your mind would tell, that you are at peace like a glass of beer with cheese



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Make your mind a strong rock

The strongest thing in the world is your Mind. When we make statements, positive or negative, they hit the mind. Our mind handles a number of ideas and segregates our thoughts. When we hear something it goes to the Brain and the Brain sends signals to the mind which does the segregating of thoughts filling it with emotions. At the time of promotion, we are on the ninth cloud, we jump with joy and signals going to the brain passed on to the mind say Happiness ,laughter and smile with joy its other way with sadness. So it completely depends upon our signals to the Brain. Stress is also an equal part there because an embarrassing act could lead to similar signals and they would end up with a negative mind.


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Can you Handle your stress well?

Have you tried to wonder what stress really is?

Have you tried to understand why do you sometimes tend to over eat, over drink, get easily irritated or impulsively yell ?

Well it’s all a result of a disturbed state of mind or a confused state of mind which leads to anxiety.  Sitting for hours on the computers, watching the fluctuating sensex, doing hectic field work or gunning for targets are just some of the many reasons that could get you stressed. Stress is nothing but a state of mind where thousands of thoughts keep lingering in and out. Its Ok to have thoughts but when these thoughts are to do with thinking and emotionally troubling or calculative they lead to tiring the mind and that’s nothing but “STRESS”.


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The new look of Nature- Therapies

For ages, people have been relying on natural therapies to solve their problems and no matter how serious the problem is , naturotherapy has been the key.  Before man discovered chemical compositions and medicines, people plucked on leaves and flowers of medicinal value for healing purposes. Infact, Ayurveda has its roots there. Nature was man’s chemist then, every ailment found its cure in the trees and plants. Even Massages and Yoga Asanas were a route to solve postural and psychological problems. The mind could be brought under control and the concentration levels could be improved through these therapies.

The same therapies have got a new outlook today. They are newly named as Power Yoga and Nature- Therapy and these names have increased their costs. Under the name of Herbal and rarely procured plants and leaves, these therapies cost a bomb. Infact, many Ayurveda doctors have jumped into this.


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Health-care Industry is on boom

“Health is Wealth”, but we get so busy earning the real wealth that in the bargain we neglect our health. With different kinds of diseases, body disorders and epidemics coming and going, research and development is continuously on a move to provide the right aid and medication. Not only are health organizations mushrooming at a galloping rate but people’s awareness about personal care and hygiene have also improved lifestyles.


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Osteoporosis – A silent killer

Have you ever tried to feed your bones? Well if not it’s just the right time. The new silent killer that has crept into bodies is osteoporoses. But what really is osteoporosis?

Well the term “Osteo” means “Bones”   and the word “Porosis” comes from the word “Porous”, which together imply that the bones have become porous, because of lack of calcium intake.

An average calcium requirement of an adult’s body is 1000 mg which increases to 1200 mg after the age of 50 yrs. It is not easy, infact it is practically impossible for an adult to consume about 1000mg each day and after a certain limit when the body does not get enough calcium from the intake or stored calcium it attacks the bones, resulting in making them weaker. When a lot of calcim is driven out of the bones making them fragile its “osteoporosis”. Today osteoporosis is most common in women across the world because they go through Pregnancies, have Hormonal Changes and most at the time of Menopause.


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Are you happy with the way you look ???

With the changing trends, each one of us wants to change the way we look. Today we live in a competitive world, where Staying Fit, Looking Attractive and Feeling Healthy are important but the most important question that arises is that “Are we Happy with the way we look ?“ or “Do we doubt God’s creativity?” , why do we constantly want to look different?.  New hairstyles, nail art, change of wardrobes are just a simple change but even bigger changes have been discovered by man.


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