Same Action for Pain and Pleasure…

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The term ‘’SEX” raises eyebrows in some countries while others openly speak about it. On the other end some sages propagate sex as a culmination of two bodies while some look at it as an action of vulgarity. Sex has definitely been a topic of discussion with extreme views but it is basically a unity of two souls for mutual pleasure, de-stress and satisfaction.

Many a times, parents find it difficult to speak with their teenage children about sexuality and physical intimacy. Hormonal changes are natural in human beings and each change carries with itself a bag of feelings.

. If teenagers are not spoken elaborately about it, their unanswered questions could lead to actions beyond imagination. Unprotected Sex, Change of Partners, Forcible actions (Rapes) and Sexual Depressions are nothing but improper knowledge or ignorance which should be avoided. So being friends with you teenagers is just the head start to know their feelings better…

Just like we need shelter, clothes, food and water , Our body has a need for physical intimacy. Sex is like food to the soul but the term could at one place be pleasure , on the other pain. The roots to an emotional relationship is most of the times a physical one , so utmost care should be taken. When the involvement is out of choice from both the ends, it leads to romance, seduction, relaxation and pleasure but if it’s a forced action it could lead to trauma, pain, regret, distress and suffering. While Sex could help you get charged up it could also destroy your self- esteem…

“Pornography” has definitely added to making of the term “Sex” sound shady. Children running out of curiosity to the internet and vedio cds have alerted parent to keep them away from it, which in turn creates more curiosity. But if you sit back to realise, the Micheal Angelo paintings in Venice and Italy, they have naked men and women with intimate moments on the roof tops of churches and chapels, the sculptures on the streets have Greek men without clothes and these are a treasure for the world. They portray the same intimacy between the sexes. Even at the times when men were apes, they moved naked and reproduction still existed. Its entirely upon us how we take things, well a proper understanding and guidance could lead to natural and ethical actions of love, romance and fulfilment of desires without hurting sentiments and emotions.


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