Too Sweet to Live…

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Well , could you imagine your life leaving you gradually only because of your sweet tooth. This is really the case for most diabetics across the world and globe. The new body disorder that has captured most individuals is diabetes and it’s not as easy as it looks. Diabetes is a body condition where the insulin naturally produced by your body stops functioning or slows down to such a drastic end that the intake of sweets or carbs is too much for it.

It’s a very easy body disorder at it’s initial stages and that is where precautions should be taken. Most of the individuals realise this only when they either put on too much weight or lose too much of weight. The route cause to diabetes is the kind of lifestyle we have today which includes irregular eating habits, skipping of meals, wrong food habits, stressful working hours and short sleeping hours. All of this leads to lowering of immunity levels, insomnia, hormonal imbalances, stress and attacking of body disorders.

The world statistics show that the count of diabetics is increasing at a galloping rate. Most disturbing is the fact that India leads the race. India tops the world in its number. Studies of the year 2000 showed India with 31 million diabetics followed by China with 21 million and America with 17 million. These numbers are on a rise. Most tragic is the fact that diabetes is also creeping into children. Fast food and Junk food are making children a victim of a disorder which is close to impossible to reverse.

The most saddening part is that even though people are aware about its spread not many actions are taken to stop the rage. People still continue to ignore it adversity. Easy way out are the pills to it and beyond that insulin injections. But control is just not what that would want to look at. Most of them do not realise its problems of later stages. People could land up with amputation of parts to forming sugar crystals in their urine. Infact many people lose their liver and get bed ridden , while many could fall victims of multiple body disorders, they could even lose their eye sight for that matter.

At it’s very initial stage, precautions should be taken. Regular blood checks and control on sweets along with a prescribed diet should be followed. Incase of over- weight patients, a struggle to lose should be the ulterior motive. The right Food and the right Exercise along with a Healthy mind and good Sleep could keep you a sweet individual forever instead of getting you rid of sweets forever.


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