Osteoporosis – A silent killer

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Have you ever tried to feed your bones? Well if not it’s just the right time. The new silent killer that has crept into bodies is osteoporoses. But what really is osteoporosis?

Well the term “Osteo” means “Bones”   and the word “Porosis” comes from the word “Porous”, which together imply that the bones have become porous, because of lack of calcium intake.

An average calcium requirement of an adult’s body is 1000 mg which increases to 1200 mg after the age of 50 yrs. It is not easy, infact it is practically impossible for an adult to consume about 1000mg each day and after a certain limit when the body does not get enough calcium from the intake or stored calcium it attacks the bones, resulting in making them weaker. When a lot of calcim is driven out of the bones making them fragile its “osteoporosis”. Today osteoporosis is most common in women across the world because they go through Pregnancies, have Hormonal Changes and most at the time of Menopause.

Our entire frame and structure holds its foundation in the bones so its extremely important to keep them strong. Sine bones are made up of calcium, regular intake of calcium supplements along with calcium rich food is recommended specially to women.

Infact studies have proved that every third woman in India is osteoporotic. Osteoporoses is a silent killer, its easy on its face but its repercussions are adverse. If a red mud brick is compared to a cement brick, in terms of strength its obvious that the cement brick is more dense and more strong as compared to the red mud brick which could break with a small hit. It is observed in many cases that people have landed up with multiple fractures with just a fall or have rib cage into pieces with just a cough.

Osteoporosis is a stage where your bones have become like decayed wood eaten up by white ants, so if you don’t want to land up yourself in a stage like this , a good calcium supplement along with a calcium rich diet could feed your bones forever.


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