The new look of Nature- Therapies

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For ages, people have been relying on natural therapies to solve their problems and no matter how serious the problem is , naturotherapy has been the key.  Before man discovered chemical compositions and medicines, people plucked on leaves and flowers of medicinal value for healing purposes. Infact, Ayurveda has its roots there. Nature was man’s chemist then, every ailment found its cure in the trees and plants. Even Massages and Yoga Asanas were a route to solve postural and psychological problems. The mind could be brought under control and the concentration levels could be improved through these therapies.

The same therapies have got a new outlook today. They are newly named as Power Yoga and Nature- Therapy and these names have increased their costs. Under the name of Herbal and rarely procured plants and leaves, these therapies cost a bomb. Infact, many Ayurveda doctors have jumped into this.

Additions have been made in massages like Pain Relief Massage, Rejuvenating Massage, Mint Massage, Panch-karma, Mud massage and even Chocolate massage. These are carried out in classy ambiances with wooden furnishing and scented candles. The dark and shady look, relax your body and de-stress your soul. Its difficult to believe but these could cost you from a 1000 INR to a 25000 INR or more depending upon place and the personalized additions as per the clients requirement like Evian Water Bath with rose petals or a Steam- Sauna session. While people with medical concerns  of Diabetes, Cholesterol, Blood pressure, Cardiac Problems are given natural medication with special diets, they also hold options of Weight reduction. Infact their diets of Neem, Aloe Vera, Amla and selected Spices have attracted the masses.  

Although nature’s objects are used to prepare these natural compositions, sometimes they cost more than chemical medication. Infact many sages and preachers have initiated their own brands of ayurvedic tablets and power to cure routine problems, like ulsers, cold-cough, acidity and more. They do not only cater the Indian masses but have also expanded overseas. Infact people of the United States and the United Kingdom visit India for their natural health treatments and to relax their bodies from the hectic lifestyle they lead where they find no time for themselves.

No matter how fast or slow Nature’s therapy works… It makes us realize God’s efforts to naturally provide us with medication…


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