Can you Handle your stress well?

December 30, 2010 at 2:08 am Leave a comment

Have you tried to wonder what stress really is?

Have you tried to understand why do you sometimes tend to over eat, over drink, get easily irritated or impulsively yell ?

Well it’s all a result of a disturbed state of mind or a confused state of mind which leads to anxiety.  Sitting for hours on the computers, watching the fluctuating sensex, doing hectic field work or gunning for targets are just some of the many reasons that could get you stressed. Stress is nothing but a state of mind where thousands of thoughts keep lingering in and out. Its Ok to have thoughts but when these thoughts are to do with thinking and emotionally troubling or calculative they lead to tiring the mind and that’s nothing but “STRESS”.

Our Brain is a complex mechanism where thousands of thoughts keep moving but when some particular incident that you disliked or created an embarrassment or a worry or even a pending work, stays at the back of your mind. Even when you are in the middle of a party or a celebration it would still bother you, after being physically present you would still be mentally absent. It could be as routine as paying your credit card or phone bill or as severe as a heart attack or happening of an accident, it varies in intensity.

Something that one should bother about is the fact that, is their body strong enough to take all that stress. The kind of competitive world we live in, demands a lot out of us. We are bound to play many roles in one day . Professional at work, Humorous at parties and cozy at home are just a few sites. Playing many roles could stress us sometimes physically, psychologically and physiologically. These three aspects move in complete co-ordination, when one of these is disturbed the other two also get out of place. For example when you are Stressed or Anxious , just like you felt before your Board results were declared. You get Physically disturbed , don’t want to do anything, you are stiff and this affects psychologically where you don’t want to eat, you cant think of anything else, you just keep getting negative thoughts and you are filled with anxiety and all of this affects you physiologically where you don’t get sleep or you land up with acidity or disturb your digestive system. All the three aspects should be in balance to ensure a healthy life and a strong mind.

Our mid should be like a rock, it should be able to take problems to give immediate solutions instead of crying over spilt milk….So wait for the next blog to learn how would you make your mind strong so that when a problem hits you even the problem should know whom has it hit….

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