Make your mind a strong rock

December 30, 2010 at 2:31 am Leave a comment

The strongest thing in the world is your Mind. When we make statements, positive or negative, they hit the mind. Our mind handles a number of ideas and segregates our thoughts. When we hear something it goes to the Brain and the Brain sends signals to the mind which does the segregating of thoughts filling it with emotions. At the time of promotion, we are on the ninth cloud, we jump with joy and signals going to the brain passed on to the mind say Happiness ,laughter and smile with joy its other way with sadness. So it completely depends upon our signals to the Brain. Stress is also an equal part there because an embarrassing act could lead to similar signals and they would end up with a negative mind.

Most of the times that we get stressed is because we choose to get stressed. Our actions and behavior helps us in doing so. Since childhood we have learnt certain reactions from our surrounding like fear, anger, tears, happiness and sadness. We react in just the same way. Moreover some people are emotionally very week where as others are always least interested.

Its in our hands to make our minds as strong as a rock. The steps to these are very simple. When a problem is told, instead of reacting and then over reacting, understand the situation and do not be judgmental until you have understood the problem to the minutest detail. Once the problem is understood think of solutions and take an opinion of one or two people if required. Implementation at the right time is the key to solve any problem, if a loss has already occurred, think of stopping the loss right there and not allowing it to increase. 

Remember , a positive thought leads to a positive action and a positive action would hold a positive reaction, So if you hold a negative thought , you have already doubled the problem, so keep the negativity away. Its not necessary that this needs to be applied only in case of a huge problem. Even if an ordinary day-to-day thing arises, we tend to abuse people and curse them to the core rather than analyzing it. More rightly anyone would say….Its easy said than done but when well it’s the only way one could resolve and stay calm. When we get puzzled or traumatic, we yell and say words we cannot take back, they are just like arrows shot which cannot come back, and many a times these lead to forming long term scars. Anger has always destroyed never developed.

A simple way to implement this is by practicing on daily routine work and avoiding abusive language, regular irritation and loosing self control. Take every thought as a neutral thought and absorb it like a sponge. Incase there are things moving in your head , first comprehend what is troubling and find a solution and get rid of it. Ensure you lead a positive life with good thoughts and God will have a good path for you to stride on…


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