New Year’s resolution

December 31, 2010 at 4:13 pm Leave a comment

Well, what is your Health resolution for the coming year? Quit Smoking, Quit Alcohol or Loose weight or if none, it’s just the right time to make one.

It’s time to have a new start and ensure that every part, is filled with energy to give synergy and every battle is fought just like gulping in a tequila shot.

Dance like a rock star and throw all the stress very very far.

Eat right and make your body strong enough to fight.

Sleep well so that your mind would tell, that you are at peace like a glass of beer with cheese

Move your hip to the beats, just like you sip whisky and feel the heat.

Party all night but don’t get to tight.

Well the year is about to begin and although you want to rock and roll and party all the while its time you think about what you want to be, where are you heading and are you physically and psychologically fit. It’s time to pay attention to your body, love and care for it like a baby. Its delicate and precious and should be handled well.

Have you seen a Blind person? He has never seen the world, the beauty around, the flowers, the birds and the skies.

Have you heard a Dumb person? He wants to express but words are only expressions.

Have you spoken with a Deaf person? He has never heard the tunes of music or the sound of birds or the sound of the cars.

Have you walked with a Handicap? His limping has never allowed him to run with freedom.

Every part of us is important and most of the times we realise it, when its too late. Make this year a year dedicated to health and personal care, eat right, sleep well and feel right. Do what your heart wants to, fly like a bird and thank God for everything you have and make the best of it.


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Make your mind a strong rock Bring beauty to your Aging

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