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Easy way out – Steroids

Many times we give up when we our just about to reach our goal. There are always two ways in life and in achieving our objectives. One of them is difficult and full of hurdles, lots of struggle and lots of pain and the second one is simple with lots of short cuts. It entirely depends upon you which one to choose. Both lead you to the same ends but their paths are different.

Many a times when it comes to looks and health we directly jump to short cuts. Today we live in a highly competitive world where looks play a very important role. Where one leading actor could seize the role of the other, a boyfriend could leave his girl for another better looking one. Looks are important in every phase of life from an interview perspective to a matrimonial perspective.



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Diagnose it to destroy it

Diabetes if not realized and diagnosed at the right time could have killing effects on the body. It is a slow killer and one needs to know about its presence to take immediate actions. When our body is about to get infected, it normally signals us but many a times we do not listen to it and land up with severe consequences. Once the patient realizes that he has been affected by the body disorder, its time it should be taken up on priority and immediate consultation and medication gets started.


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Realise today , don’t regret tomorrow

India ranks second in the world, in terms of population but it ranks first in terms of diabetes. Today we stand right on top in terms of a life seizing disorder and what are we doing about it, nothing. This is the scary picture of an over populated country with most of its individuals who have fallen victimes of a disorder which cannot be reversed.

The awareness about this body condition is not spread to the extent that it should be, although we blame the junk food in America to rank it on the top in terms of obesity , diabetes is still a worse case scenario and since not many know about it its even worst.


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Supplement your body

What was the first thing you asked for, in your examination when you completed writing your main answer sheet?


Why did you need a supplement ?

Was you main answer sheet not enough to complete the answers?

Why did you want to write more ?

What if you only had written the main answer booklet and decided to not write further even when you knew the answers ?

The answer to all the above questions would be “GOOd MARKS” and a “GOOD PERCENTAGE”. When we know all the answers we want to write more and score the best. Just like we ask for supplements in the examinations in the form of paper, food supplements are equally important for our body. They add on to our meals.


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Wine and Dine are a good combination

Most of the countries of the world prefer a glass of wine with their meals. Infact the quality of wine differs from place to place, the preparation and period it is stored for. It’s believed to taste best when it gets older. After all the saying goes well here “Old is Gold”. Its most often felt that consumption of alcohol is harmful for health. It’s believed to land one into life seizing diseases and putting someone into severe conditions but it’s not always so.

If alcohol is consumed in small proportions and occasionally, it tends to hold more merits than demerits. Some of the benefits of alcohol are as follows-


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How to have a Healthy Atmosphere and an Energetic work life

We all spend most of the hours of the day at work. Infact, the time we spend in office with our collogues is more than the time we spend with family at home. So its important to have a healthy atmosphere at work to ensure a smooth and a continuous ongoing.

Work should be a fun place where we not only put in efforts and get results but also have convenience and enjoy our job. Just like we are particular about the cleanliness at home, it should be the same at work. Hyginic conditions, minimal comforts and convenience definitely could add to it.


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Can Health affect the turnover of your organization?

The key to the success of any organization are its employees and its technology. Well science could take care of technology. An organization would climb heights only if all its employees can put in their best of efforts in terms of skill, aptitude and attitude. So if an organization wants the best out of its employees then, they need to feel the best of health. But the crucial question that comes to the mind is “how could health affect the turnover of your organization?”.


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