Bring beauty to your Aging

January 1, 2011 at 4:30 am Leave a comment

No one wants to age in this era. Who wants to be called Aunty or Uncle??? Aging is like a nightmare to many. After all, when your heart is young how could you allow your body to age.

Working out in the Gym for hours, streaming on disciplined diets, spending hours in salons and cosmetic clinics could artificially make you look maintained but younger, well there is no guarantee.  Growing older or to stop yourself from growing is not in your hands. You could maintain your health, you could wear stylish clothes and you could hide your age but the fact remains the same that you are aging.

Every college going boy, wants to go back to school and every professional wants his college days back, lets not forget are grandparents who always speak about their youthful day. Well the fact remains that each one of us wants to get younger instead of getting older. Getting into college from high school is not much of difference but getting into the fifties and having your kids married and getting retired is when you are into the real aging process and you start realising it.

Its obvious that its a change that one has to accept and should accept. Bring beauty to your aging. Accept that you are getting older and more responsibilities are going to be showered. It is time you take care of your health, instead of strict diets, have limited food and home food instead of the junk and sweets. Its not about looking good , its about feeling good and if looks make it so, then let that be the reason. Regular exercise like a brisk walk for about 30 mins along with three big meal and 2 mid meals would keep you fit and fine. Drink a lot of water and flush out lots of toxins.

Cosmetology- Well if you are part of fashion and media, its difficult to stay away but otherwise it is advisable to stay away from a lot invasive (injecting) treatments. When you grow older, you have hormonal changes and your immunity levels tend to drop so its best to age naturally. But again looking a little younger is definitely a good idea, colouring your hair, regular massages and visiting the salon for clean-up and facials could avoid wrinkles.

Well feeling young is always good, because it keeps your mind light and calm but it’s equally important to keep yourself physically fit and mentally strong, because as you grow older, experiences are still waiting to meet you and if you are strong in your head, no aging can touch you…


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