Crystals could sparkle your mind

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“Hypnotism” a term that holds a lot of interest in many of our minds. Each one of us gets curious to know how we would be or react when we are hypnotized. What statements would we make and what goes on in our subconscious mind. These days we also have programmes concentrating on Hypnotism and taking us backwards into our previous lives. Well no one can stamp to say how far isthat true but it definitely speaks a lot about our subconscious mind.

A new addition to Hypnotism is the crystal therapy. The crystal theraphy is not commonly known to many. People who are psychologically unwell, unfit or even if they are fine but with negative thoughts, their way of thinking could be molded through hypnotism. If you sit back and realize we all have certain likes and dislikes. We get thrilled at certain thoughts and certain thoughts irritate us. For example some of us hate creeping creatures like lizards or snakes and some sulk to exercise . On the other hand some of us love to hog and some are chain smokers. Well all these actions are a because of pre-conceived notions that we hold. A person who does not consume alcohol may fear even one drink as a cause of kidney failure. This is a result of certain observations that have left a mark on his mind and so he acts accordingly.

These could be because of parental pressure and conditioning since childhood, experiences of the past or preconceived notions. These have already been fed to your brain. In crystal therapies, a person could choose to change the way he/she thinks. We hold a lot of our thoughts in our sub-conscious mind and accordingly we react. When we change the way we think we would react in a similar manner.

In the crystal therapy, the conscious mind is made to relax and sleep, so that the sub conscious mind takes over . The real mind is allowed to unfold and when the sub conscious mind is open, then positivity or change of thoughts are filled in, so that when the conscious mind takes over the person’s actions are controlled by the sub- conscious. Simple thoughts could be taken over, broken relationship emotional bags, sad demise in the family or even official stress could be got rid of. Many irritating and trouble causing events could be made to disappear from the memory. It has its name in many parts of the world and its slowly coming down to India.

All to-gather, the crystal therapy relaxes a person and makes him look at the world differently. Some who hate to exercise could develop a liking for it and some who are chain smokers could quit it without even realizing it. It could turn your weaknesses into your strength and your sadness into happiness. So its rightly said “Crystals could sparkle your life”.

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