From “FAT” to “FLAT”

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If your New year’s resolution is to go from Fat to Flat, you are not the only one. There are millions that hold this resolution each year and continue it for a maximum period of a month and beyond that, it goes for the next year’s resolution. Well the difference in the term Flat and Fat is only an inclusion of an “L” but this “L” is like Hell.

–          To make this simple, understand that there is no fixed date to start getting concerned about your health or weight. Its all today and now that you need to start thinking.

–          Do not start crash diets immediately after a day when you have hogged on to a buffet.

–          Your body is not a mechanical device so do not treat it like a juicer, with tit-bits of food.

–          Let your diet be simple, 3 big meals namely breakfast, lunch and dinner and two mid meals.

–          Avoid starch and carbs like potatoes, pastas, pizzas and rice

–          Substitute white with brown (Brown rice and brown bread)

–          Drink minimum 3-4 litres of water each day.

–          A 30minutes walk or a swim would be fantastic to get you into shape.

–          Ensure selective parts exercise, like crunches, abs, biceps, thighs to tone up.

–          Always initiate your exercise with a warm up of 20 mins , it could include plainly stretching or a slow walk.

–          Listen to your body. Do not eat when you are stressed.

–          Keep your salads handy, every time you want to gulp in something, gulp a glass of juice a fruit or a bowl of salad.

–          Engage yourself into pampering activities like manicure, pedicure or a simple facial.

–          Take out time in the whole weak for your favourite pastime like playing chess or going bowling. This would keep you de-stressed.

–          Don’t get stressed, it makes you put on, indulging yourself in meditation or yoga could be a good choice.

–          Have a great sleep for 7- 8 hours each day to keep away routine problems of constipation, acidity and indigestion.

–          Once in two weeks you could give rest to your digestive system by going on a detoxification diet. This would include only fruits and salads with juices. No fibres to be had.

Dont have a mindset to lose weight have a mindset to get healthy. Make changes that you could sustain until the end of the next  year to ensure the same resolution is not repeated over the years.

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