“Prevention is better than cure”- A well known saying

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There is a very well known saying listed above which clearly explains that do not wait for the last minute, but take the right step now to cure because if it’s not cured today, it might just aggravate. No matter how simple a problem could be or how serious it could be, it should be treated now and not waited until it gets worse. Well cancer follows the same theory. If taken care in the early stages, it could be treated but if it gets worse, it gets more difficult or even impossible sometimes.

There are many organisations in India and abroad that offer help to the needy and cater to all the sections of the society. Some of the well known names are listed below-

1)      CPAA- Cancer Aid in India and Cancer Awareness

2)      ECCO- The European CanCer Organisation

3)      NCCS- The National Children’s Cancer Society

4)      ICCCPO- The International Confederation of Childhood Cancer Parent Organisations

5)      CFI- Cancer foundation in India

6)      EORTC- The European Organisation for Research and Treatment of Cancer

7)      Cancer Australia

8)      CanTeen- (Australia)

9)      CANCA- The cancer association of South Africa

10)   America Cancer Society (USA)

These organisations have not only helped to bring down the rate of cancer patients but have also  helped to give back life to many. Besides, these organisations also provide financial aid to many of its patients. There are four standard methods of treatment for cancer :surgery, chemotherapy, radiation therapy, immunotherapy and biologic therapy.

-Surgery- Surgery can be used to prevent, treat, stage (determine how advanced the cancer is), and diagnose cancer. In relation to cancer treatment, surgery is done to remove tumors

Chemotherapy: Chemotherapy is a type of cancer treatment that uses of drugs to eliminate cancer cells. Unlike surgery, chemotherapy affects the entire body, not just a specific part. It works by targeting rapidly multiplying cancer cells

-Radiation Therapy: Radiation therapy uses certain types of energy to shrink tumors or eliminate cancer cells. It works by damaging a cancer cell’s DNA, making it unable to multiply

-Biologic or Targeted Therapy:
Biologic therapy is a term for drugs that target characteristics of cancerous tumors. Some types of targeted therapies work by blocking the biological processes of tumors .

These therapies cost a bomb but there are many charitable institutions and associations that provide aid. Well lets end it with another well known say “ A stitch in time saves nine” Do the small stitching today before there is more ware and tare.


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