Belly Dance – Just the right way to tone up

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Exercise could be boring for few. Running on the treadmill, carrying weights and stretching the same way could be monotonous. But staying in shape is equally important, specially when you have made resolution this year to stay fit, do not step back. It’s not necessary to burn calories though exercise in the gym , it could also be done through other enjoyable and different ways. Aerobics, Salsa, Spinning and Belly Dancing could be good options.

Belly Dancing is a form of a Mid Eastern dance. The term “Belly dance” is a translation of the French “danse du ventre” which was applied to the dance in the Victorian era. It’s believed to have originated in the Middle East and North Africa. This form of dance is said to burn a lot of calories. Most of times this dance is learnt and practiced by women all over the world , although this dance form has male followers as well.

It involves a lot of movement of the lower abdomen and the hips. The moves of Belly dance may seem more complicated than a regular workout but in truth the belly, hip and chest moves are based on the basic shapes of the body. The moves concentrate from pumping the energy from the legs and feet, to the hips, chest and head. Belly dance moves are not only about building body and muscle strength or control. Belly dance moves take you deeper into yourself and create internal strength of the abdomen and spine, while also expressing yourself in a graceful and skilful way.

The movement of the pelvis repeatedly works like a pump on the belly cavity that holds and protects the organs. Belly rolls or “undulations” both massage the organs and soothe the nervous system. Belly dance is an enjoyable way of slimming down and de-stressing. It brings flexibility in the body and keeps you active over all.

Not to forget if dressed in fancy Belly dancing costumes and performing it, you are no less than a superstar. These days many actresses and choreographers take on steps from the dance form. The new rage “Sheila’ (Song from Teesmaar khan), potrays Katrina Kaif in a step or two and let’s not for Shakira moves that have swooned the world.

Today most of the fitness centres also hold classes to teach and practise Belly dancing. Infact there are Cds and Vedio cd where every move is explained and practised hundreds of times , so next time you get bored to exercise, get a cd and a have power packed session of burning calories, in your living room.


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