Cancer challenges Science

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The term cancer could be scary.

What is this disease that eats human and human has no power to stop ?

Does it alarm before it comes ?

Can it be cured ?

How do you even get it ? and

 How could we avoid it ?

 Well…Well…Well… Quite a few questions arise when the word strikes. Cancer has always been a topic of discussion but not many know much about it for the simple reason that science and research has not been completely successful to find a remedy to the Last stage of Cancer, although the research and development departments of each country are still after the cause and the residual solution to the Man eating disease.

 To start with cancer is a broad term used to encompass several malignant diseases. There are over 100 different types of cancer, affecting various parts of the body. Each type of cancer is unique with its own causes, symptoms, and methods of treatment. Cancer has the potential to affect every organ in the body.

The cells within that particular organ get malignant tumors that have the ability to invade neighbouring tissues or organs, thus spreading the disease. It is also possible for cancerous cells to break free from the tumor and enter the bloodstream, in turn spreading the disease to other organs.

All types of cancers are not serious, many a times when a particular part is affected that part is removed through an operation and you are just like how you were before. So next time you hear someone has cancer, its not an end, its the beginning of getting ready to heal. Moreover cancer has stages and until it has not affected many parts it could be removed and the other parts affected then would have to go through a therapy call the camotherapy.

Most of times, one does not realise when he lands himself with it , its only when a difference is noticed in ones body and on a check up does one realise. So whenever you notice that there is some difference in your body like an unusual bleeding or a lump being formed or a constant cough and cold, its advisable to visit your physician and have a check done. “After all precaution is better than cure” ….there is no need to worry but a good care should be taken and you could get rid of it in its initial stages. We shall now concentrate on how it gets into and what symptoms does it hold.


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