Could drinking water harm you ?

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Water is a basic necessity just like food, shelter and clothing. Our human body is made up of 55 and 75 percent water (lean people have more water in their bodies because muscle holds more water than fat). Water is crucial to your health. It makes up, on average, 60 percent of your body weight. Every system in your body depends on water. But could drinking of water harm our body, is a crucial question ?

Well drinking of water is good for the body for various reasons like it helps to flush the dirt (toxins) from the kidneys which ultimately cleans the kidneys, keeps us away from dehydration, keeps the bowling going smooth and gives you a glowing skin. Besides these there is a long list to follow but are you drinking the right water. Did you know that your tissues and organs are mainly made up of water? Here is the %:

  • Muscle consists of 75% water
  • Brain consists of 90% of water
  • Bone consists of 22% of water
  • Blood consists of 83% water

The functions of water in human body are vital. The water:

  • Transport nutrients and oxygen into cells
  • Moisturizes the air in lungs
  • Helps to improve the metabolism
  • Protects our vital organs
  • Helps our organs to absorb nutrients better
  • Regulates body temperature
  • Detoxifies
  • Protect and moisturizes our joints

Every cell in your body needs water from head to toe. That is why it is so important to drink enough fluid. Take for example, brain consists of 90% of water, if you do not supply enough water to your body, your brain cannot function well, and you will get headache or migraine. But the kind of water we get in our taps, although goes through many processes is not safe enough to drink.

It could not only have small harmful effects like skin allergies but it could also cause life seizing diseases like malaria, cholera and jaundice. The water is contaminated through industrial wastes, sewages, pollution, pesticides, drainage pipes and no proper hygiene. It is best to filter the water once got from the taps. An installation of a water purifier or plainly boiling the water could be a good idea. Besides over drinking of water is not good. Someday when we hit a diet plan we try to forcefully drink a lot of water, well its your body and not a well. If its use to consuming 10 glasses, gradually raise it to 12 and then 14 to a maximum but do not rush to a 20 or a 22 just under the name of detoxification. You may just land up with over functioning and damaging your internal body. Besides many people when asked to consume luke-warm water, directly jump on hot water, sipping it like tea. Well that could be dangerous for the inner walls of the system. So next time when you drink water just ensure that you are not going too much of an extra mile….a step ahead may then land you a step behind.


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