Is science a boon or curse to Health ?

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Since childhood we have been writing essays on Science and Technology as a Boon or a Curse but today we would be concentrating on Science and Technology and its relationship with health. On one hand we have the latest technology to cure diseases, diagnose problems and provide high end solutions and on the other hand we have the invention of cell phones, computers and laptops and television and not to forget home theatres. Wow!!! Then what’s a boon and what’s a curse because all of it is a gift to mankind. Here the understanding is perfect that since science has been gifting us its a boon and since we have been over utilising it that’s a curse.

So a simple of way of comprehending is the fact that , in terms of its effect on health, science is neither a boon nor a curse. Its plainly a path to a living and although its motive is to ensure a better living it may have adverse effects on health and lifestyle. After all  man invents it and he’s the one responsible for the negative part of it. Lets understand it from a medical point of view. The discovery of new equipments and by far latest technology has improved the span of life, infact all the surgeries and transplants are possible because of advancement. It has created an overall awareness and improved the over all style of living but on the other hand if an individual is addicted to medicines is not a good idea. So the next time you have a head ache, do not directly jump on to a pill, without giving it a nap or a short period of rest.

Let’s not forget the Cell phones that ring even in the middle of the night. Well some calls are important but night chats are definitely going to seize your sleep and the effect of mobile phone radiation could go beyond imagination. How could we not go on television, its keeps you aware of what are the happenings around the world but watching it for long hours could strain your brain and spoil your eye-sight. Laptops and computers are no less, they are the best to communicate but the root cause to migraines.

Well every coin has two sides and similarly Science and Technolgy have their two colours, one which throws light and the other spreads darkness but again its all completely in our hands when to Switch on the light and when to switch it off and stay in peace.


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