Do you have to go crazy to visit a councellor?

January 3, 2011 at 7:20 pm Leave a comment

Well , it’s a myth and a belief that an individual should head to a counsellor only if he finds himself unfit or mentally sick, but that’s not the case in real life. Today we live in a robotic kind of a lifestyle. As soon as we get up in the morning we systematically carry out all our routines and even if there is a slight change in the routine, we get so disturbed to an extent that some even pray to have a better day ahead. This shows the amount of stress one takes. Perfectionist is just the term. That’s when you want everything to just go right like its a fairy tale. It’s not necessary to have a thought lingering on your mind, listening only to the brain all the time is not a good idea .

Well the point is that since we all live in such a stringent environment, it’s not necessary that each one of us gets time to speak with each other. Moreover since everyone has their own share of work, no one has the time to spare for others and sometimes one person’s talks may not interest or even be comprehended by the others. Lets take for example a housewife may find it difficult to understand the husbands problems in the office. She may listen from one ear and forget it. On the other hand, many of times we would not know the link of instances. Well at that point of time its best to visit a counsellor. A counsellor is a friend who would know your routine, he would know how your day starts, what do you do, what are your likes and dislikes and what bothers you. He is a pal who guides you, parents you and holds you strong in times of your need.

We all of us have certain emotional points and when those are badly pressed, they hurt big time , for some it’s about name and for some its about dignity and self esteem, some are emotional and some feel embarrassed many a times. Well its all a personal happening and there should be someone who knows this and also knows how to calm you down when you feel miserable. A counsellor is someone who knows your day to day routine and sometimes when you are stressed he could also help you with possible solutions.

People who get into chain smoking, extreme alcohol consumption and crazy acts with the happenings of small things in their lives. Lets not forget children who have tried to commit suicide just before their Board exams because of parental pressure. All of these extreme actions happen only when there is no LET OUT where one could speak his mind out and get relaxed…What feelings could take you to a counsellor and how do they work is the question which would answered in the nest blog….so stay tuned…


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