Children- Victims of Body Disorders

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Can you believe your child landing up with osteoporoses at the young age 10 , 12 or 15? Could he also be a victim of Diabetes? Well although these terms sound difficult and impossible, the fact is that this is the reality of today’s era. Most of the children if checked would be victims of Osteoporoses and Diabetes. Although this sounds saddening, there is very little one could do about it. Imagine when you have to stop your child from consuming candies and chocolates at his age.

Well it is not the fault of the child. Let us then understand the root cause to this disorder, at such a young age. Most of the times it’s a genetic problem or a hereditary problem, probably one of the parents could hold it or the expectant mother must have been a victim of it. So when a lady is pregnant, it is completely her duty to keep a check on her over all medical issues, she must visit doctors to take advices on how to avoid the baby from having such disorders.

Not only this but once you have discovered that the child is already a victim of a body condition , he must be taken extra care of. His/her diet must be balanced ensuring that all the vital nutrients are provided but it should not psychologically affect the child. Children are quick pickers, they understand the situation and react accordingly. They should not be made to realize their condition but from childhood a diet in such a way should be planned where they do not feel deprived of some particular thing and they  all agree to happily adapt to it.

Five year old children wearing spectacles and having a weak heart are other types of conditions they fall victims off. Lets not forget the asthama problem where the child has no clue when he would need the pump. Children are naughty and adamant. They could be stubborn and rude and when they forcefully made to eat something or made to stop eating something, they could have a mental block or a mental hit would could stay with them for the rest of their lives. This could be scary for them and their parents.

To ensure that your baby is fit and fine and you have him healthy all the time, you have to ensure that the care is taken from the time he is there in the womb and until he grows up. Its important to keep your ownself maintained to ensure you have a kid healthy and heavy and you don’t have to worry…


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