Is Health your real concern?

January 4, 2011 at 6:35 pm Leave a comment

Why do we skip breakfast when we are getting late for work?

Why do we munch on a sandwich when we have a meeting at the lunch hour?

Why do we grab on a drink when we want to get relaxed in the evenings?

Why does a bowl of ice-cream interest us in stress?

Is health our real concern, if yes then after knowing what’s good for us and what’s not why do we still choose the wrong path all the time. Is it that we do not have a self control on our mind or our actions or is it that we have given up on health . Well the true reply to it is “PROCASTINATION”.

We want to do a lot of things and we also make up our mind to do so but when the actual time comes to implement we step back and postpone the plan. Why do we do that ? Its because we are not certain about our ownselves. We are not sure if we could so. Let it be a habit of smoking, a diet programme or even a workout. Our resolution does not seem to last for long.

There should be a constant motivation along with a strong will power to control. Kareena Kapoor’s motivation to become size zero was fame and similarly if you want to take action , first have a goal and let your goal be “SMART”. SMART stands for SPECIFIC, MEASURABLE, ACHIEVABLE, REALISTIC AND TIME BOUND. This means do not expect something to happen overnight and do not hold false expectations of climbing mountains you have never seen. From a chain smoker if you want to go down to “0” it’s difficult but to go from 20 to 7 or 8 cigarettes is within the reach. Well this is just an example.

Its very well said “ ignorance is a bliss” but still people seek for knowledge and when they have this knowledge they sometimes behave like ignorants. When we know what is best for us and we still don’t do anything about it we are nothing better an ignorant individuals. Knowledge only comes to those who show it.

It’s the beginning of the year and it’s just the right time to make some promises to your own self and for your own good. Morning walks, healthy food, good sleep and a positive attitude could climb you mountains of success without you realising the efforts put in. Next time ensure you don’t schedule your meeting at lunch hours and if you do so then have a meal after your meeting and also start having supplements, it would compliment your food and strengthen your body from within.


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