Kids are growing old internally

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A baby is the most precious and delicate creation of God and it shall be taken utmost care of. Every parent wants to give the best to his child in terms of food, clothing, schooling, extracurricular activities and more. After all, the mountain of expectations that he needs to climb need him to have the right kind of skill and ability. We want them to be the best , leaving behind the rest in all walks of life.

OR expectations from our kids-

–          Should get the highest scores in class

–          Should be an active participant in sports and school Annual programmes

–          Should be intelligent and smart

–          Should be confident and socializing

–          Should stand out amongst the others

–          Should be a good dancer, swimmer, runner and  actor

–          Should participate in all school, inter- school and inter-state competitions

 Have you tried to wonder what have we done in return? We build these huge mountains of expectations and although we provide the means to climb them like sticks and thick clothing, just like good schools and best of tuitions. Its not about the external provision but its about the internal requirement of the body. Children love junk food. Pizzas, Pastas and Burgers have always been their favorite and lets not forgot chocolates and candies. We all of us know what is good for their health and what is not but when that tiny little creature comes with an ice candy and says “ Mummy Please Please Please”, you cant stop him, “ Oh Poor fellow, Don’t break his heart”.

 Well the concern here is that, is he getting the right kind of nutrition from what he’s eating? besides the intake of junk food, some children hate to eat, it’s a task for the parents to cook and prepare different kinds of stuff just to ensure they eat. But they still throw tantrums. Children need time and patience and not every person would have enough of that in a metropolitan city where life starts early and ends late. In a situation like this many a times children are taken to the doctors and prescribed medicines to create artificial hunger. Not always is it a good thing, so it is advised that children should have a good intake of fruits and vegetables and if they are not fond of, then health drinks and powders mixed with milk. Supplements could be another option but these should not be a substitute for food .

So next time you go to the super market, look for easy digestive biscuits, crunchy health bars, soy drinks and fruit juices instead of colas and aerated ones. Plan a good routine with a healthy intake and a playful workout with daily variations in games and different activities and see your kid grow the smart.


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