What should take you to a counsellor ???

January 4, 2011 at 5:05 pm Leave a comment

“Goals” are what each one of us wants to achieve. We all have dreams and to fulfil those we work day and night. We move through rough times and even miserable times, but we go on until we achieve what we are struggling for. In all of this struggle, we get stressed, sometimes we want to give up, we want to get rid of certain persons to an extent that we would love to kill them but its life. Being real is important, keeping yourself calm and cool as a cucumber is important because only when your mind is at peace, thoughts come solutions rise.

But the crucial question is that “How would you calm down” ? How would your aggressive behaviour get way ? The answer is when you visit a counsellor. The answer could either be found by your ownself or by anyone you hold regards and respect for. Most of the times it should be someone not very personal or a family member, because then to tend not to share all the details with the fear of hurting or losing.

One of the other reasons could also be when one has gone through a trauma, like a break up or a divorcee, a death in the family or a huge financial loss or a crise. In such a situation you would want to share the deepest of your secrets and fears with someone from outside the family. A counseller would be perfect then. You could speak your heart out and she could help you with advices which are unbiased. Moreover she/he is a shoulder that is going to comprehend your problem and not yell at you.

Incase of people who go on extreme ends with psychological problems of   Schizophrenia, Obsessive Compulsive Disorders or more. Then they need to visit a psychiatrist and not a counsellor because they would be able to recommend medication with specific therapies.

Going to the counsellor does not prove you crazy, infact many people who visit one are calm and cool. It feels like you pay to get rid of the tensions you have and eventually you are relaxed. Each one of us needs a friend to share with but sometimes we cannot trust them for important and personal stuff and sometimes they don’t have time for us. In such a case share your experiences and make a new buddy who would guide and support you.


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