Can Health affect the turnover of your organization?

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The key to the success of any organization are its employees and its technology. Well science could take care of technology. An organization would climb heights only if all its employees can put in their best of efforts in terms of skill, aptitude and attitude. So if an organization wants the best out of its employees then, they need to feel the best of health. But the crucial question that comes to the mind is “how could health affect the turnover of your organization?”.

To understand this better, answer the following questions-

–          What is the rate of absenteeism of your organization?

–           How many people take long leaves for illness?

–          How often is your substitute kept engaged ?

–          Do you have to keep a doctor on board?

–          What are their medi-claim bills like?

–          How often do they visit the doctor on board ?

Well these questions could rightly explain the current condition of your employees. Employees form the backbone of an organization and their good health is of vital importance to the smooth working of the organization.

 Imagine your own-self driving your new Mercedes Benz when you are suffering from an extremely bad back ache. Looking your best on your big day (wedding day) with a horrible stomach problem. Well no matter how the atmosphere is around you, you cannot escape the irritation of an health issue, if you have one. So no matter how much hard you try to give health a back seat, even a small prick could make you yell. Similarly, in an organization, health plays a vital role when its growth is concerned. We live in a very competitive world which demands a lot out of us. Focus, determination, energy and efficiency are not possible when you have a bad acidity or a high temperature. Most of the oraganisations have targets and sales and is it possible to achieve the desired results from a physically unfit person. All of this is impossible, so it is important on the part of the organization to keep a lively and friendly atmosphere at work with complete hygiene checks. From 24 hours of the day an individual spends the maximum number in the office, so its important for the office to be a comfort zone which enables the candidate to live up to the expectations of his employers in performing to the best of its abilities. So it all boils down to the fact that Health is a very important factor in the turnover of the company and now we shall further understand how to create a comfort zone to fit a professional life.


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