How to have a Healthy Atmosphere and an Energetic work life

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We all spend most of the hours of the day at work. Infact, the time we spend in office with our collogues is more than the time we spend with family at home. So its important to have a healthy atmosphere at work to ensure a smooth and a continuous ongoing.

Work should be a fun place where we not only put in efforts and get results but also have convenience and enjoy our job. Just like we are particular about the cleanliness at home, it should be the same at work. Hyginic conditions, minimal comforts and convenience definitely could add to it.

Some factors that could be looked into are as follows-

1)      Hygiene- This is one of the most important factors, daily dusting and sweeping could make the office environment dirt free and clean. This would also keep away illnesses.

2)      Ventilation- Proper ventilation is equally important. Proper placing of windows and movement of air would keep a fresh breath of air always.

3)      Activity- Every job tends to get monotonous so inclusion of an activity could divert our mind. Our daily work pressures could stress us so a small activity could like a dress code or a scrabble or a small contest could relax us.

4)      Facilities and Amenities- Well spaced restrooms, sitting area for lunch and other facilities could make the zone comfortable.

5)      Celebrations- Festivals bring with itself enthusiasm and give a reason to dress up and rejoice. Changing the décor could change the outlook.

These are some basic changes which are possible in the office zone but besides its equally important for every individual to feel fit with a self of belongingness. Competency mapping should be done for each employee and a profile should be allocated. Best of their skills should be utilized to the utmost.

These days many organizations have gymnasiums, table tennis courts and carom tables for their employees and let’s not forget GOOGLE, the company is believed to have a swimming pool for its staff. It holds a full fledged gym, a health centre and a lawn tennis court. No wonder everyone wants to be a part of it. Well materialistic things are not always sufficient, a strong motivation and  a feeling of home are equally important. So if you want the best of the industry to be under your roof, you know what should  you be doing.


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