Wine and Dine are a good combination

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Most of the countries of the world prefer a glass of wine with their meals. Infact the quality of wine differs from place to place, the preparation and period it is stored for. It’s believed to taste best when it gets older. After all the saying goes well here “Old is Gold”. Its most often felt that consumption of alcohol is harmful for health. It’s believed to land one into life seizing diseases and putting someone into severe conditions but it’s not always so.

If alcohol is consumed in small proportions and occasionally, it tends to hold more merits than demerits. Some of the benefits of alcohol are as follows-

1)      Studies have proved that consumption of wine in moderate quantities reduce the risk of heart diseases and strokes. Keeps your heart fit and fine

2)      People who consume alcohol have lower chances of developing Gall stones.

3)      Type 2 diabetes – levels  could be lowered with moderate consumption of wine but if consumed in large quantities, it could shoot up the numbers.

4)      It improves the immunity and the life span of the person. Longevity could be expected to improve.

5)      It is more beneficial for women as they have a number of hormonal changes and it reduces the chances of cancer.

6)      It improves the respiratory system and avoids any kind of respiratory diseases from coming close to you.

7)      Moderate consumption improves the blood lipid profile.

8)      It could reduce the blood pressure by 20 points.

9)      It is an antioxidant so it also flushes the toxins making our body immune to avoid body conditions and could get you glowing skin and healthy hair.

10)   It decreases the risk of prostate, lung and ovarian cancer making our body strong from within and cleaning your internal system

11)   Blood clotting frequency could be reduced to a great extent.

Well the American Heart Association is also for the fact that consumption of alcohol in moderate quantities has benefits but the crucial is what is moderate and how would you decide if a particular quantity is moderate.

 Moderate is in limited quantities of a glass or two, not more and with regular intervals or occasionally.

Be it a celebration or grief we always use alcohol as a part of emotional ends but it’s also equally important to measure quantities to have benefits.


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