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What was the first thing you asked for, in your examination when you completed writing your main answer sheet?


Why did you need a supplement ?

Was you main answer sheet not enough to complete the answers?

Why did you want to write more ?

What if you only had written the main answer booklet and decided to not write further even when you knew the answers ?

The answer to all the above questions would be “GOOd MARKS” and a “GOOD PERCENTAGE”. When we know all the answers we want to write more and score the best. Just like we ask for supplements in the examinations in the form of paper, food supplements are equally important for our body. They add on to our meals.

The lifestyle we lead today expects a lot out of us. We are asked to work and play different roles and in this routine sometimes we skip meals, have junk food, travel in pollution and take extreme stress. These leave us with varied body disorders and eventually into chronic problems. Here too, we know all the answers (solutions) . But we still think twice of taking supplements.

Do we want a better lifestyle now just like we wanted better marks.

After knowing all of it we still neglect our health. We wait until the day when we experience pain and have to visit a doctor. Food supplements are an add on to our regular eating habits. It is not possible to change our lifestyle but these supplements fill the day to day nutritional gap. Each day our body requirement is high and we cannot provide that, lets now take an example of a human being-

Compare the eating habits of a 5 year old boy with a 15 yrs old boy. If measured the quantity, it is noticeable that a 15 yrs old eats way more than a 5 yr old. Now comparing a 15 yr old’s eating capacity to a 50 yr old man’s. It would be realised that the younger one could easily gulp more. It’s because his digestive system works better and his metabolic rate is way too high.

But if you realize, as the body grows its requirement increases. It needs more Minerals and Vitamins but because of the inability to consume more a man just cannot. Moreover over if he forces natural intake he may land up with other chronic disorders. At this time there is a nutritional Gap that is formed and this could be easily covered with supplements. Food supplements are an easy way to stop the body from deteriorating from within and when this does not happen, obviously our body is safe and sound without and illnesses.


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