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India ranks second in the world, in terms of population but it ranks first in terms of diabetes. Today we stand right on top in terms of a life seizing disorder and what are we doing about it, nothing. This is the scary picture of an over populated country with most of its individuals who have fallen victimes of a disorder which cannot be reversed.

The awareness about this body condition is not spread to the extent that it should be, although we blame the junk food in America to rank it on the top in terms of obesity , diabetes is still a worse case scenario and since not many know about it its even worst.

What is diabetes ?

Who fall victims of it ?

What are its initial symtoms ?

Did you know that there are two types ?

Can this be completely cured ?

Does this have side effects ?

Well answers to these would knowledge you to take precautions at the earliest.

Diabetes is a state of human body where the pancreas are not in a state of producing enough insulin in comparison to the food consumed. There are namely two types of Diabetes –

–       Diabetes Type 1- Incase of this type your blood sugar, or your blood glucose is too high. Here the pancreas are damaged to an extent that they cannot produce adequate insulin and this results in extreme glucose in your blood. Over the time high glucose can lead to serious disorders to your heart, eye sight, kidneys, nerves , gums and teeth. It could lead one into severe conditions of heart diseases, coma (brain difunctioning and kidney failures) This type occurs when one has a genetic fault in a body failure to produce enough insulin. When a person falls in this bracket , he tends to lose weight and immunity.

–       Diabetes Type 2-  Unlike the Type 1 which comes to you in genes, Diabetes type 2 is because of excess glucose in the blood due to over consumtion of sugary and starchy products. When the comparison of glucose in terms of the insulin produced is more, a person could fall to get diabetic. It could also be due to extreme stress, over eating of junk food, irregular eating habits and skipping of meals. Here the pancreas are not able to produce the amount that they should in comparison to the glucose produced in the body through food. When one falls in this bracket he tends to put on a lot of weight


Both the types of Diabetes are incurable, they cannot be reversed and in both the cases a strict diet along with the medication is required. Its now inportant for us to understand how could we keep a regular check and what could be the possible symptoms.



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