Diagnose it to destroy it

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Diabetes if not realized and diagnosed at the right time could have killing effects on the body. It is a slow killer and one needs to know about its presence to take immediate actions. When our body is about to get infected, it normally signals us but many a times we do not listen to it and land up with severe consequences. Once the patient realizes that he has been affected by the body disorder, its time it should be taken up on priority and immediate consultation and medication gets started.

Some of the early indications of Diabetes Type 1 are as follows-

–          There is increased production of urine (because the body tries to get rid of the excess glucose in the urine, diluting it with water),

–          The victim experiences excessive thirsts

–          Tiredness and Fatigue because the glucose is not getting converted into energy.

–          Sudden weight loss

–          Increased appetite

–          Regular strokes of sickness

–          The vision gets blurred

Some of the early indications of Diabetes Type 2

This type is the commonly got by many. This is a result of irregular eating habits, skipping of meals, intake of junk food and extreme stress. There are not many signs of this type, but some significant ones are mentioned below:

–          It increases the thirst to a great extent.

–          The hunger of the patient is very regular and excessive

–          Sudden Putting on of weight

–          Getting easily impulsive and gulping food

–          Itches and skin disorders, close to the joints

–          There is laziness and tiredness

Many a times when people are not aware they may land up directly with severe conditions and if a person knowingly neglects his health, he has no clue of what he is putting himself into. When the body gives up no riches of the world could compensate for it. So its now that you need to get yourself checked and stay fit


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