Easy way out – Steroids

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Many times we give up when we our just about to reach our goal. There are always two ways in life and in achieving our objectives. One of them is difficult and full of hurdles, lots of struggle and lots of pain and the second one is simple with lots of short cuts. It entirely depends upon you which one to choose. Both lead you to the same ends but their paths are different.

Many a times when it comes to looks and health we directly jump to short cuts. Today we live in a highly competitive world where looks play a very important role. Where one leading actor could seize the role of the other, a boyfriend could leave his girl for another better looking one. Looks are important in every phase of life from an interview perspective to a matrimonial perspective.

Since its so important to look fit and fine, many have started using steroids. Steroids are artificial means to change the hormonal balances. They work against our aging, our weight , our hormones and more. It stops the natural processing of the body and starts working on artificial means. To have good muscles one should have a good intake of protein with a good weight training but a simpler way is to inject steroids. If one wants to look young one could take botox and stop the wrinkles from been shown on the face.

Do people realize the after effects of steroids ?

Do steroids have after effects ?

Well steroids have merits and demerits. They are best when they are taken for medicinal reasons or to avoid life taking diseases away. These steroids could have amazing and mindblowing early effects but at later stages, they may be a reason for kidney failures or losing your immunity or even losing your life. These days actresses and youngsters live for the present which is a good thought but we should not forget that every moment of the future would be a moment of the present so to ensure a safe present and a safer coming present, think twice and try ten times before you go in for short cuts.


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