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Do you know your hair type???

Can you imagine yourself bold and if you can well do you think you would look good ? Hair is an essential part of enhancing the way you appear. Your hair makes you look younger and dashing and not to forget when women have long hair, they look much appealing. So

 How long is your hair?

Do you know your hair type?

Do you have regular hair fall?

Have you tried any treatments for your hair and they haven’t worked?

Are hair colours good ?

Well the answer is simple. There are different types of hair types and each needs to be managed in its own way. The different types are as follows-



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3 Important spheres ….(continued)

Physical Sphere

As the word suggests, this is to do with things that our around us, our environment, our surrounding and its effects on our external body parts . Change in climatic conditions, change in routine and its changes could be reflected on our body. We fall ill or land up with pneumonia and stay on bed. This makes us physically unfit and we get agitated. Sometimes while jogging we might just fall because of a stone in our way and land up with bruzes.  The pain could even lead to stress, specially when we have to travel the next day to work in a crowded train. Well these were just some day to day examples to understand how our physical sphere could also be a reason to stress us and how this could affect us mentally.


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3 Important Spheres…

A human body is made up of 3 important spheres. These include different systems of our body and its mechanisms. The three spheres are the Psychological sphere, the Physiological sphere and the Physiological sphere. These need to work in complete coordination to ensure the body functions smoothly without any speed breakers. Infact these spheres work in a close knit where even when one is affected, it automatically affects the working of the other two. Lets now understand the three spheres at length. More let’s get into the fact of how these could lead to stress. Each sphere could be made responsible for stress and anxiety and having a control on one of them could have effects on the other two.


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Let your eyes see the world forever…

Most of the times we do not value all that we have and when we are just about to lose them, we are zapped. We then put in the best of our efforts to hold it back but sometimes it gets too late. Same goes with our eyes.

Do you value your sight? If you do then what do you do for it?

Our vision is one of those wonderful gifts most of us take for granted. Just imagine a blind person, he cannot see the beauty around, the trees, the birds, the flowers and the world. Our sight is one of the most vital senses. The only time we even have a cause to think about our vision as such is when we think about a blind person who has no vision at all, or our own vision begins to fail us.


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Are we having the right substitutes?

Many a times we live on substitutes, food is something we prefer least. With the kind of lifestyle we lead, its sometimes also not possible for us to opt for food. Lets not forget the kids, who love magi to chapattis and pizzas to parathas. Infact the ones on diet definitely prefer protein shakes to meals and crash dieters, well, well, well….

Food could have easy replacements like nutritional bars, soft drinks these days are replaced by diets drinks. But the cruicial question is –

 Are these really healthy?

Is it worth substituting it for food?

Do they have long term benefits?

Do they fill the nutritional gap?


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Time to tone up…

Boys and Girls, young men and women and all the people young at heart,  it’s just the right time to move  you’re your body, stretch your arms, lean your back and swing around. Toning up is just the right term. When your body is lean but you have fat collected on certain portions like your upper arms or lower body, what you require is a tone up session. When one goes on a diet program, one usually loses a lot of weight and fat and many times, the skin tends to get lose and stretch marks tend to appear. Here a tone up is required.

But what is tone up?


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How could you get rid of stress that comes from work ?

When work gets stressing,  and evenings are tiring.

When you get back home with a headache or yell at everyone in the house.


When you talk only about work and how you proved yourself or spanked at others or office politics.

Its just the right time to realize that your office could get stressing and so could your work. Its time to lye back and understand yourself. We spend most of the time at work. We spend time with collogues more than we spend with family and at this stage we cannot afford to have a bad relationship or feel inferior or get humiliated before them. This is because man is a social animal and he cannot be isolated, when he has people around, you want to interact and socialize. Although professionalism does not allow us to get very friendly, you would still not want to have enemies and rivals at work. A friendly atmosphere is more welcoming.


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