Relax and Rejuvenate- Hydrotherapy

February 1, 2011 at 12:54 am 1 comment

Do know that 70% of our body is made up water. Most of the fruits and vegetables we eat have a huge water content. So when most of the body is water, this could be used as a medium to get rid of pains, stress, body disorders and toxins. Just like we take a shower everyday and freshen up externally, even the internal body requires cleansing. Our body is a complex mechanism, when we improve the working of one organ, the others are automatically benefitted.

With technology playing its part excellently, today we have water therapies depending upon the ailment of the patients. In the olden days people use to visit the places of holy waters and sulphur springs to get rid of body and skin diseases. But today these therapies are carried out by well recognized hospitals and spas. Infact many spas have rejuvenating beds which are placed in water jets.

This therapy to get rid of pains and illnesses through water is known as Hydrotherapy. So you got to be a water baby for it. Pains of certain parts could be got rid through pressure of the water besides some exercises in the water could help you lose weight and even tone up.

These days actresses prefer this the most, it relaxes the body and since the body does not sweat, one does not feel the tiredness. If you try exercising under water you would realize that you do not feel the tiredness as much s you feel while running on the treadmill. That’s the reason why many dieticians and instructors suggest swimming. Water bodies hold a pressure in themselves. Its difficult to believe but some forms of swimming could help you build muscles. More over people suffering from spondilitis or back pain could go for Jacquieze. The pressure if put close to the right areas could soothen the pain and loosen the muscles.

 Moreover a water activity cools your body. Its more like pampering your body. Many spas across the world hold special water therapies for back aches, migraines, body massage and fat burning.  Infact  huge amounts are charged if natural waters of certain places of the world are used like Evian is the waters of the Swiss Mounts and the brand Himalayas  hold waters of the respective mountains. Its more like one engages into a power packed activity. So next time you want to going an activity, try water instead of a treadmill or a cycle and see how you feel.


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  • 1. Casey Ollson  |  March 9, 2011 at 3:50 pm

    Hydrotherapy is one of my favorite methods to ease pain away because hot tubs are so readily available and easy to operate. And with a personal hot tub, I can have this great therapy in my own backyard, for my own private use!


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