Time to service your body

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When was the last time you sent your car for servicing ?

Just like your car requires a regular servicing although it is being washed every day similarly our body requires a cleaning from inside. The waste that leaves our body each day stinks, imagine that stink within you. I am sure your face has a twitch and you feel dirty thinking about it but that is the hard fact. All that waste and more lie in our body and so a regular cleaning is a must.

One of the most important parts here is played here by our colon. The colon is an important part of the digestive system, and as such, it has a major role in helping the body absorb nutrients, minerals, and water. The colon also helps to get rid of waste in the form of stool. The colon makes up the majority of the large intestine, approximately six feet in length. So imagine when you miss a day going to the washroom. All of that waste lies within you. Its filth and it definitely sounds disgusting.

This is why colon cleansing at regular intervals is very essential. These days we have different methods of colon cleansing. While one of the forms includes colon hydrotherapy and the use of enemas to inject water, sometimes mixed with herbs, flavors or petal essentials, into the colon through the rectum. This involves the use of specific equipment. Another method is to orally clean through the consumption of dietary fibers, herbs, or laxatives. Experienced practitioners believe that accumulations of wastes form an inner line of the walls of the large intestine and are a reason for general ill-health. These days colon cancer is also very commonly captivating. It is the result of over accumulation of wastes and when these toxins affect the inner walls, they are bound to create a mess. Let us not forget our lifestyle plays a very important role. Gulping down wrong food, junk, alcohol consumption and smoking definitely create all of that. When the inner walls start damaging one has to face the consequences. Infact when these get clogged people are victims of indigestion, constipation, allergies and acidity. Cleansing your own body will shown on you, you could keep yourself away from illnesses, pains and routine stomach issues. So not only a regular cleaning is required but also a good control on diet is a must. When next time you send your car for servicing, don’t forget your body needs one too.


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