Hormones play with our body

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As we grow from a child to an adult we realise a lot of changes in our body. We grow in size and height and with it our organs and parts start maturing. All the changes are because of hormones in our body.  Sometimes they change quickly but sometimes they take time. Hormones play in our body, they give mood swings, bring changes, create imbalances and could even have complications.  Hormone is a chemical released by a cell or a gland in one part of the body that sends out messages that affect cells in other parts of the body. Hormones control the working of many processes in the body, from fertility to aging. These hormones could be controlled.

Sometimes these hormones create a rucket in us. There could be imbalances and one cannot have a control over his own body. It shapes the way it wants to, its grows its own way and works its own way but science could not hold itself from controlling it. So today we have steroids to control hormones. One could look as young as a 30 yr old after being 50 up.   A hormonal imbalance is when there is too little or too much of a particular hormone in one’s body. Hormones are the chemical messengers in the body that travel the bloodstream to the organs. These could result in infertility, growing huge, losing weight, acne, skin disorders, aging. There are many different reasons for this imbalance. Common causes include the consumption of birth control pills, extreme of stress, overuse of cosmetics, and non organic animal products. Besides some of the other medical causes include genetics, obesity, and tumors and some common causes also include lack of exercise, pregnancy, lactation, autoantibody production, and a sedentary lifestyle.

Science has definitely progressed to artificially bring these imbalances under control through the use of steroids but again, these need to be medically advised by a doctor. Although today people want to use steroids for cosmetic reasons. Its not adviced, steroids should be taken only when its a need not when its a want. These have side effects in the long run and these side effects could be life seizing. Patients that are worried about these side effects can use natural products that can be bought over the counter and will work the same way these therapies do. These homeopathic treatments assess both mental and physical symptoms of the person experiencing hormone imbalance. Diet and exercise have also been proven effective against the symptoms of menopause. As the body goes through these changes, adjusting diet and a person’s level of activity will promote healthy bones and reduce the risk of heart disease as well.


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