Time for a Tea Party

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Asians have always been fond of tea, let it be an occasion or a casual meeting, tea is served almost everywhere. While different countries have their own special teas. Green tea has now taken over the world. The Chinese have always patronised teas. Infact they consume teas with every meal of theirs. When the Chinese armies go for warfare, for many days they could live on only tea. One of their very known saying explains this explicitly.

“Better be deprived of food for three days, than tea for one” – Ancient Chinese proverb

Green tea has its roots in there. It is one of the finest teas and it has many medicinal values that have been known to the world and today many medical and health centers along with spas and salons use this as a raw material in most of their treatments to give better and improved results. It could treat a small head ache to huge disease and even cancer to an extent.

In the olden days it was prescribed by the chinese ancient doctors as a medicine. The extract of the tea leaves could do wonders to your skin and hair as well. Some of its major benefits are as follows-

–          It is an anti-oxidant and so it could cleanse you internal system

–          It improves your metabolic rate, improving your digestive system

–          Its anti-oxidant properties would get you rid of pimples and other skin diseases

–          It helps in strengthening the immune system and lowers the cholesterol levels

–          It reduces the risk of free radical formation and the risk of cancer.

–          It helps in weight reduction and losing fat.

–          It reduces the risk of heart diseases and heart attacks

–          It reduces the risk of any disease or infection from getting close to you

 On an over all view it has a number of benefits but it has a demerit, it is a very bitter tea. Not many people could form a taste for it but looking at its benefits one should consume atleast a cup each day. These days hospitals also serve green tea as a part of a meal. So next time you call guests home for a tea party don’t forget to give them a choice of green tea because they could go healthy from your house.


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